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Meet Christine

Bringing together SOUL & SCIENCE to create OPTIMAL Health & Peak Performance

As the founder of Push!FIt Studio I have coached thousands of people in elevating their health to a new level and transforming their bodies.

As a High Performance Coach I help people IGNITE their INNER PURPOSE and discover PASSION again. To have the CLARITY & Confidence to break through the barriers holding them back and create a kick ass life they can’t wait to wake up to every day.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner I bring you back to your SOUL, reconnect you with your heart and teach you how to TAP INTO that inner guidance, your Intuition. It’s the guiding FORCE that creates without stress or anxiety. It’s where we access JOY and depth in Connection.

The combination of these 3 Coaching Methods Produces MAGIC.

Today I am passionately coaching, speaking and training people around the world to DITCH the HUSTLE, eliminate BORDERLINE BURNOUT  and step into a NEW SUCCESS MODEL.




""Working with Christine has been transformational in every area of my life. I exude confidence because I have clarity again. I am showing up differently at work, at home, in my relationships, and I have started to live with passion and purpose again. I barely recognize who I was at the beginning of the program, and I couldn't be more grateful. Without this program I would still be dreaming about finding my happiness. Now I am creating and living it!”"

Brady Johnson

"“I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to have worked with you as my coach, mentor, inspiration and cheerleader! I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short time and how building on the smallest of changes to my habits have compounded into such huge results! Thanks to you I am not only taking control of my life, but recognizing the power, strength and clarity I have to proactively navigate my own course - and virbrantly enjoy the ride!"

Karen Dunn
Founder, The Design Project

"Before I started working with Christine I was so deep in the weeds that I felt like I was suffocating. I was working 14 hour days in my business, doing things I hated doing, and not sleeping because of the massive amounts of stress. I had no balance to my life, no quiet time, my relationships with family and friends were suffering or were non-existent and I simply didn't know what to do. I can now say that my stress level has fallen tremendously, my relationships are in a thriving state, my communication has improved ten-fold, I am incredibly clear on my next steps and goals both personally and professionally, and I have moved confidently to a 5-6 hour, 4-5 day work week! "

Trisha Terns

"I was already working with a coach, building my dream thinking I was on the right path. I crashed hard. I was at the height of my frustration. I needed to reach out to someone that understood me and my path. What happened next blew my mind! Christine was a bright light in a very dark tunnel. Within a few minutes of speaking together she NAILED down what the core issue was. That is not the best part. Many coaches, mentors and thought leaders will have an idea of what you lack but very few know how to get you there quickly. Christine understood what was happening and didn't let me stray from what I needed to do. She will help you see your path, recognize your growth and empower you with habits that work. I still have work to do which is why I won't let her go. If you want a coach, get a coach. If you are ready to have an exceptional life, business and get to the next level, you need an exceptional coach. That's Christine."

Greg Lothian

"Coming off a 65 day tax season marathon I can tell you it was my most successful tax season yet, as a Partner, but most importantly as a husband and father. I am down over 18 lbs, my health is in a totally different place, my relationships are deepening and I just closed my most successful year of billing. I have clarified goals, new habits, new tools... I can only IMAGINE how amazing the rest of the year will be. I would highly recommend anyone with high ambitions work with Christine. In 6 months it has paid for itself 3 times over!"

Tim Miron
Partner, BLR



8 Days of Spiritual Awakening, Heart Healing & Unlearning Old Pathways

It's not WHAT we have to learn that holds us back. It's what we MUST UNLEARN so that we can step fully into the life we are created to live. This INTENSIVE Retreat combines Eastern & Western Healing Practices to guide you, support you and coach you through your journey to healing.

This event takes place in South America and is open by application only.



How to BREAK FREE from the Noise & TUNE IN to the VOICE of the SOUL

ONLINE TRAINING - LIVE Saturday, Nov 7th @ 10:00 EST


Most people struggle with getting out of their heads and really being able to TUNE in to their soul. Being in that space keeps us reactive and drained!

In this training, I will share the 5 keys to shifting from a survival game and reactive living to a spiritual game of FREEDOM and SOUL Led living!  Join me in this free online masterclass. Click the button to register now.


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