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Welcome, Dear Warrior

I have been waiting for you...


I have SEEN your hard work, I have HEARD your voice asking for direction,

I have FELT your longing for MORE... even though you aren’t quite sure WHAT that more is.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you, and


I KNOW there are DESIRES deep in your heart waiting to be discovered and realized.

The answers and direction you seek are here. The doors you’ve been looking for are ready to be opened.

The REST for your restless body, the LOVE for your protected heart, the PEACE in your SOUL and COURAGE for your NEXT level mission are HERE. 


The keys to your unlock the next step in your journey and open the floodgates of an extraordinary life lie within your HEART. 


By unlocking it, you will find Deep Love, Wild Adventure and a Calling that lights your soul on FIRE.

I AM here. Allow me to be your guide.

Will you slow down? Will you recognize me and follow your HEART into the great unknown where magic and miracles lie?

Or will you let me pass you by?

The choice is yours. All that is required of you is to say YES. 

I see you. I hear you. I feel you, and I AM HERE.

In love and devotion,




There is a gaping hole inside you waiting to be filled with more LOVE, PEACE and Freedom. You're just unsure what that means - or how to GET there. Let me show you.


You have been TRAINING for this moment your whole life. You've lived as a Battle Warrior for years and now it's time to CLAIM your Divine Legacy as the KING or QUEEN that you are. The journey ahead is one of:


Learn to move, play and operate in the world beyond forced action. Where time, money, energy are tools that work with you and FOR you, not against you. And your BODY is a clean, clear, fine tuned vessel to access ancient wisdom, intelligence and experience the fullness of this GAME called Life.


Soften the Armour around your HEART, Heal the wounds that have been keeping you distant, transform your Pain and OPEN yourself up to extra-ordinary LOVE. Develop a RICH relationship first within yourself, with the Divine, and of course, with the Feminine Essence that has been waiting for you to allow her IN. 


Tune in to your SOUL's true mission as you unlock your divine gifts, allow inspiration to MOVE you and align your life to match your CALLING. Discover your next level of service with unshakable certainty. Move forward with clarity and precision as you LEAD from a NEW place, with new FUEL guiding you - walking in faith, fully supported.  

Warriors of the HEART: ROUNDTABLE

The ROUND TABLE is a Journey of Discovering your GOD Given Identity, Next Level Vision and Leading Life from a whole NEW set of rules. It begins with an INITIATION to RISE as a NEW Type of WARRIOR by UNLOCKING the Power of the HEART, Awakening the Inner KING or Queen Inside and Reconnecting with our ORIGINAL Design and Purpose. You were CREATED ON Purpose, FOR a Purpose Dear Warrior. The ROUNDTABLE will OPEN you up to that...

"Christine transformed me. She made me see myself and my relationship with others in new ways. She was one part beacon, shining a light on the things I did over and over again but couldn't see. She was also a guide, helping me find new ways to produce different outcomes. And she was an unwavering coach, always smiling but being firm when needed. She helped to give me insights, a strategy and the tools to create positive change in my life. And for that I'm eternally grateful."

⚜️ Lara McCulloch ⚜️
Brand Strategist

"Coming off a 65 day tax season marathon I can tell you it was my most successful tax season yet, as a Partner, but most importantly as a husband and father. I am down over 18 lbs, my health is in a totally different place, my relationships are deepening and I just closed my most successful year of billing. I have clarified goals, new habits, new tools... I can only IMAGINE how amazing the rest of the year will be. I would highly recommend anyone with high ambitions work with Christine. In 6 months it has paid for itself 3 times over"

⚜️ Tim M ⚜️
Managing Partner BLR



More connection, intimacy, and wild affection in your relationships. Call in the partnership of your dreams as you RISE to become an even greater lover. This love is infused with passion, depth, reverence, and polarity as the Masculine and Feminine come together to play and co-create in sacred union.


Experience new levels of strength, energy, and vitality as you refine and upgrade your physical and energetic body. Imagine operating in a vessel that moves freely, giving you precise feedback moment by moment. Operate from flow state instead of force and experience consistent energy as you navigate your days.


Presence is Power and presence requires a mind at ease. CALM and grounded become your new normal as you break free from the prison of the mind and tap into the realm of spirit. Operate from CLARITY of mind and precision of actions, that come from accessing a world beyond logic and reason, the Supernatural.


Where the unknown becomes your friend and ally, not your enemy. Where your life, relationships, and mission are fueled by HEART, passion, and devotion to the Spirit. As you leave the mundance and predictable behind, you open the GATES to a world that is beyond imagination, where true - priceless TREASURE lies.

"The teacher shows up when the pupil is ready. I reached a point after 20 years in my relationship that I didn't want to be there anymore. I had so many expectations from this man in so many areas. I felt like I wasn’t getting any of these needs met and he wasn’t present for me. I had anxiety because I didn’t know what to do. I was really done with this relationship. I don’t know whose voice it was, but one day it just came out of my mouth. “I am in the season to just give and receive love.” I chose to lean in. I did a bunch of work on myself. I listened to all of Christine’s podcasts, I signed up for the Women’s Initiation to Awaken my Inner Queen and I changed my thinking. All the armor, shields, guns, knives , and all that stuff between us wasn’t there anymore. He just melted. Ever since then it’s been all about being IN love. Since changing my mindset and taking ownership I’ve seen the change in my other relationships as well. I’ve changed the way I see people now and give everyone respect. I changed my vocabulary and aura with this man from being a victim and it completely changed how we communicate. It’s a journey I had to take on my own. I had to work on myself first. What brought me to Christine is realizing it's the POWER of the SPIRIT through prayer and how quickly it can work! I’m now looking forward to our life together and I finally came to the realization that I AM better with him. "

⚜️ Whitney Hammond ⚜️

"The retreat in Sedona was such an amazing experience for us as individuals and as a couple! It opened our eyes to what is possible. Your coaching is like none other! We have both read books, gone to events, had counseling, etc. Your coaching and programs are on such a different level. Truly life changing and there isn't a price you can put on that! Hands down one of the best investments we have ever made! We are so thankful for you!"

⚜️ Jordon Sanders ⚜️

"I began my journey with Christine from a point of absolute despair, left in this crumpled state, really depressed and desperate for some kind of change or revelation. I felt unseen, unheard, out of control, self destructing, destroying relationships, no faith whatsoever in our Lord because of all of the things that “he put me through.” Working with Christine has been a complete life-changing, soul giving, relationship upgrading experience. It has not been the easiest work, but the tools, practices, and processes she provides are amazing. It's allowed me to make better choices on what I allow in. I get out of my head, and am able to really tune into the divine design. I honestly couldn't recommend the round table or any other work you may do with Christine enough. It's just been an absolutely amazing journey, and I appreciate everything that she does for all of us, her support and leadership. She truly is a queen. "

⚜️ Shayla M ⚜️

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