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It's time to redefine SUCCESS.

Too often we chase all the wrong things. 'Success' comes at the expense of our health, our energy, our relationships or worse - we lose ourself in the process. We forget what we are passionate about, we fizzle, get complacent, bored, even feel stuck and wonder...  WHO am I?

It's time to break FREE.

Are you ready to drop the old operating system and upgrade your mindset, your beliefs, your habits and your GOALS?

I help men and women DESIGN a life they LOVE  by aligning their their dreams, passions & unique gifts with REAL ACTION steps so they can feel fully ALIVE, Deeply CONNECTED and living PURPOSEFULLY every single day.

You CAN thrive and live the life you want but you must design it that way.

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Check out my latest news and articles on keeping your body fit, toned and performing at it's peak. You owe it to yourself to look and feel amazing!


Eating well should be SIMPLE! Nourish your body with delicious recipes, clean eating strategies and lifestyle tips to make cooking, planning, and eating well super simple!


If you want to be TRULY successful you must learn to master your attitude above all else! Check out my latest articles on how to THINK differently so you can achieve the level of health you desire!



12 Weeks to a NEW YOU! Lose up to 30 lbs, experience a whole new level of energy, confidence and establish health habits you can actually STICK with long term! All the nutrition, habit and mindset coaching you need in a step-by-step program you CAN follow!


Want MORE out of life but can't seem to figure out the next step?  If you are serious about achieving your FULL POTENTIAL in your health, your career, in relationships, finances or any other arena, it's time to BUST through the ceiling and master these habits: Join me LIVE in this FREE Online Training! 


Pure BLISS! Boutique adventure & wellness in a private villa with your personal health coach. Daily workouts, surf lessons, nourishing foods and soul work!



"Working with Christine has been transformational in every area of my life. I exude confidence because I have clarity again.

I am showing up differently at work, at home, in my relationships, and I have started to live with passion and purpose again. I barely recognize who I was at the beginning of the program, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Without this program I would still be dreaming about finding my happiness. Now I am creating and living it!”


"From the comfort of my desk in one hour a week we covered BIG topics - heavy things you don’t talk about all the time. The small tweaks that I made to my routines created results that were anything but. 

Coming off a 65 day long tax season marathon, I can tell you it was my most successful tax season yet, as a partner and more importantly as a husband and father. With my clarified goals, new habits and tools, I can only imagine how amazing the rest of the year will be.

I would highly recommend anyone who has large ambitions they have not achieved yet to do this, in only 6 months it has paid for itself 3 times over!"


"I worked with Christine to help me achieve higher levels of performance in my business life and in my personal life. The process was very in depth and at times, tough.

Christine is completely gifted in this arena. She is motivating, she is very capable of keeping me on track, encouraging me to do the work, put in the effort in order to see the results.

I have made changes to the way I operate my business that have had far reaching impact, more that I could have ever predicted.  I encourage anyone who wants to "level up" to reach out to Christine."