Episode 35: 10 Keys to Conscious “Co-Creation”

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2022

Today we are UNPACKING what it means to be a Conscious CO-CREATOR, vs ‘the’ creator of your reality.

After nearly 20 years in the coaching space, The most common theme I see with clients who are stuck / rehashing the past over and over is 

  1. Most people LACK CLARITY on their VISION WHAT they are here to create 
  2. Most people are completely DISCONNECTED and therefore DISORIENTED.

They are DISCONNECTED from their God-Given DESIRES. Therefore they are UNCLEAR on WHAT they actually want and are called to create/build in this season of life.

So….  they keep creating/building/chasing what they DON’T actually want and find themselves lacking fulfillment, 


They are so fixated on what they don’t want that they keep re-creating the SAME thing over and over and over because they FEED so much of their precious LIFE force energy to it!

They are so dialed into the noise/chaos of the outer world (and everyone else’s input) and disconnected from their INNER VOICE so they remain in a MENTAL FOG. 

UNCLEAR on which DIRECTION to take and next steps to move on. 

They are disoriented.

They take a lot of action, only to find themselves exhausted.

Or they are frozen in inaction, because they are terrified of ‘messing it up’.

Today we are talking about how to MOVE into a SPACE of CONSCIOUS CO-CREATION.

Yes. Co-creation. Not ‘creation’. 

STEP 1. DITCH the ideas that “you” are the creator + center of the universe and EMBRACE the knowing that you are here to Consciously Co-create with something so much greater than yourself. 

We are just ONE part of creating OUR reality. We are not the CREATOR.

In this episode we will unpack:

  • 10 STEPS to Conscious Co-Creation
  • Creating from a place of expansion + prosperity + abundance vs lack and reaction.
  • Why you MUST Cultivate THIS before ANYTHING else… 
  • Conscious CONNECTION starts here
  • The Power of IMAGINATION
  • Identifying your true DESIRES at a soul level.
  • Making current decisions from a place of POWER, not FEAR.
  • TRUST in the new process
  • So much more! 

As humans, we are conditioned that we need to find the ONE RIGHT way  RIGHT NOW. 

REALITY is: There are many ways to experience the desires that God has put on our hearts and that is GOOD NEWS!

Conscious Co-Creation moves you away from a place of PRESSURE, Control and constant WORK  into a PLACE of Possibility, Ease and PLAY. 


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