A Mans Heart is Desperately Seeking

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2021

You are not DESIGNED to be bored, anxious and restless.

A Man is designed with the HEART of a LION: fierce, ready for adventure, purposeful... craving a beautiful woman to share his Kingdom with.

If a MAN does not pursue those things his heart has been created FOR,
If he is never invited to LIVE from DEEP within his HEART, he will desperately seek to fill that void with other things.
More money, more sex, more work, more alcohol, more distractions.
More ...more... more.. it will never be enough.

Things that will eventually lead him astray from him from the MAN he was created to be. He will forget who he IS.
Things that will eventually destroy ALL he has worked to hard to build.
He will LOSE all that matters to him.
The passion for it will fade like a distant flame.
The ONLY way to LEAD from this place is to UNLOCK you hardened heart and come back to the power that resides within.

So what’s The KEY that UNLOCKS your heart?

⚜️πŸ”₯ TRUST my Warriors.πŸ”₯⚜️

TRUST is the KEY That unlocks the heart and opens the gateway to a supernatural life of adventure, passion and deeper love.
TRUST in your HEART & your Spirit.
TRUST in your natural DESIGN.
TRUST In your Body’s incredible intelligence
TRUST that there is a GOD who wants to LEAD you
Trust. The thing we all want, but are not willing to give.
If you’re feeling ALONE And LOST on an island trying to figure it all out on your own, you don’t have to LIVE there anymore.

πŸ”‘Trust will unlock that hardened heart
Of yours,
πŸ”‘ Trust will dissolve the Heavy Armour you have been carrying around,
πŸ”‘ Trust will release the pressure in your chest and allow you to BREATHE easy again
πŸ”‘ Trust will OPEN you up to receive the PEACE and Love you desperately crave to feel

Are you WILLING to go there?

Courageous LEADERSHIP is you TRUSTING in the great UNKNOWN



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