A New Era Is upon us...

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021

Dear Warrior,

A New Era Is upon us

One where we can no longer play the games of the past.
Where total transparency, honour and TRUST will BE the norm for those who want to LIVE RICH lives.
Where deep conviction, inner knowing and DEVOTION
Become the FUEL that drive us forward ,
Instead of the superficial striving, competition and chasing we have come to know so well.
This NEW world will require a new type of warrior,
A MAN who is grounded, calm and fierce
A MAN who has come to know the POWER that lies In his heart,
the LEADERSHIP that only comes from being in Service to the SPIRIT
And the INNER PEACE & LOVE that comes from restoring the relationship
Between the masculine and feminine.

This NEW Era will call us to a different kind of BATTLE.

You will no longer feel the need to be in a constant
Fight with yourself, with others, with time,
energy or money.
Old battle tactics will no longer work
In fact, they will be the very things that throw you
off course, distract and destroy you and your relationships.

This NEW ERA will require you to USE your SWORD in new ways.

No longer will it be used against you.
No longer will it be used for harm.
No longer will it be used as a tool for retaliation,
reaction and weakening yourself as you
Aim to slay everything in your path.
Instead, it will be used to PIERCE the HEART,
To CUT through illusions, distractions,
To DESTROY past programs and lies
In your thoughts,
In your actions,
In your words.
And so it is…

I have been called to RISE in my Mission

And support MEN who are feeling this PULL
on their hearts Right now. Who are RESTLESS in their bodies because they KNOW they are created for MORE.
Specifically Warriors who have lost
Their way to break free of the chains of the past
And COME BACK to the POWER of the HEART.
I have been called to REMIND you
Of the MAN that you are, not the boy
That has been showing up trying to prove his worth.
To REMIND you of the DESIRES you have locked away,
Of the GIFTS that lie dormant within you,
And that no thing would be placed upon your
HEART unless the tools and way was already there for you.
I have been called to SUPPORT
That have kept you disconnected in relationships,
caged in a world of separation from the masculine
And deep mistrust with the feminine.
I have been called to CREATE a ROUNDTABLE.
A safe space for you. Where you are
Seen, you are heard, you are respected
I have been called to SHOW you
What it is like to feel and experience
The feminine energy and presence
That is the AIR under your wings
And oxygen to your soul
I have been called to LEAD you
Through an INITIATION.
This 6 Month INITIATION is a JOURNEY from
Your head to your heart. A DYING of the OLD self,
A BURNING of the OLD ways in order
To make way for the NEW life before you.
It is a journey of personal mastery, releasing the old,
restoring the wounds, WAKING UP the HEART,
Exploring the great unknown
Unlocking dormant gifts and
Leading Courageously.
It is NOT for the faint of heart.
The REWARDS will be beyond anything you
Have experienced before.
RICHNESS in all areas of your life.
DEPTH in your relationships.
ADVENTURE in your spirit.
PEACE in your BODY
There IS another world out there waiting
BUT it will require your free will to say YES.
You my dear Warrior, have the FREE WILL to CHOOSE your path.
I INVITE you now, to join me in this great INITIATION
Warriors of the Heart: The RoundTable
If this is CALLING to you now, reach out to me.
If you feel the KNOWING in your body
That I am speaking to you,
Do not let this opportunity
Pass you by.
Supporting, leading and Serving alongside
This was not my original plan, however
GOD has placed this so strongly on my heart,
And given me such clear direction that I AM to
Work with MEN on this and the WORK
I AM here to share -
I am simply thrilled to be serving…
In love and devotion.

Let it be SO.

I am open to receiving those who are ready to heed the call

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