Are you heading into 2019 with a CLEAR PLAN for yourself?

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2018

What is in store for you in 2019?

Are you going to be the CAPTAIN of your SHIP, be proactive or just be along for the ride - reacting to whatever comes your way?

Have you THOUGH about it?

So MANY of us are setting for LESS than we want and are capable of every single day - and that life is leaving us feeling stagnant, complacent and stuck.

We start off with greatest intentions until... something derails us, often unintentionally,  and then we are going through the motions all over again.

HOW do we stop this from happening and ensure we follow through on the promises to ourselves? HOW do we experience more this year?

I want to challenge you to take time now, as we close out 2018 and start new in 2019 to look at the BIG Picture of your LIFE

Are you HAPPY with the level of Energy, Purpose and Relationships in your life right now?

If the answer is no - I want to INVITE you to join me in an Annual Planning Process I recently introduced my clients to and we are going to work through this together in the coming months. 

The DREAM MAKER YEAR Annual Planning Process is a plan for you year ahead. It's a way to reflect, think and plan your BEST year ever and now I am bringing this to you!

What you will find in this mini - training: 

  • Why future planning isn't as powerful without proper reflection
  • How to NOT repeat past mistakes in the coming year and how to use them to your benefit!
  • Why traditional goal setting doesn't really work long term and what to do instead
  • How to get connected a DEEP level to your Goals and Dreams 
  • How to Generate internal FIRE and Motivation that doesn't fizzle out!
  • Dive into your current beliefs - are they setting you up for success or failure?
  • Finally How to BREAK down your goals into small actionable chunks you can knock out every single month! 

I want to invite you join me in this annual planning process right now! 

Purchase the Dream Maker Annual Planning System Now and get immediate access to the training video and downloadable PDF right away! All for just $97 + tax ($500 Value!) 

This is the EXACT system I work through with my clients and Mastermind Members and now you can join us in this amazing process!

Finally - share below! 

What is your BIG DREAM or GOAL for 2019?

What was your #1 Takeaway from 2018?

Let's celebrate the past year! Let's commit to a year of renewal, realignment to our values and really challenging ourselves to GROW and THRIVE!

Sending you love, happiness and incredible joy this time of year! 

Purchase the Dream Maker Annual Planning System Now


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