Are You Chasing Love? ❤️

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020

We ALL need and crave love. It’s innate, embedded in our DNA and coding. We were CREATED for it by our creator and there is this gaping hole inside of us, waiting to be filled in connection with something greater. ❤️❤️❤️

And yet… so few people truly get to experience the feeling of it - unconditionally without transactions.

This past year, God has taught me much about love and what it feels like to be connected to unconditional love.

If you are LOOKING for LOVE from anywhere other than inside of you - YOUR HEART, YOUR SOUL, YOUR Connection to God... you are not looking for love.

You are seeking attachment, significance, approval, control, ownership, validation of your worth and value.

You will never FIND what is missing inside of you. You will never be able to GIVE what is not inside of you.

❤️In order to CREATE the LOVE you desire, it starts within.

When you are FULL of LOVE it radiates from you. Your vessel is SO FULL it is abundant and HAS to SPILL out of you.

It literally oozes out of you onto everyone and everything around you.

When that happens, love mirrors back at you. It is just universal law.

Love is not meant to be hoarded or kept inside.

JOY is not meant to be withheld.

All emotions are energy and NEED to move through us. Beautiful emotions kept inside die off and become stagnant. When they are released into the world, they multiply and bless others. They become possibilities and light for others.🌻

In turn, ‘negative or heavy emotions’, if kept inside - will make us sick. That’s WHY we have DIS-EASE. Our containers (bodies) are simply not meant to hold on to anger, fear, resentment… the list goes on. AND just like love, those heavy emotions can be acknowledged, loved and transformed into something of higher vibration before we send it back to the world.

So... What are you still looking for? Craving for?

➡️If the outer world, relationship, circumstance you are seeing day to day don’t reflect your ‘image’ of what you desire. It’s time to look at that world as a huge MIRROR.

 ➡️Instead of pointing to the outside world wondering what is missing and why it’s not providing you the love, caring, safety, comfort you need -> SHIFT and look within.

➡️CULTIVATE a SPIRIT of Love, Caring, Worth, Patience, Understanding and it will begin to show up around you.

This has been one of my greatest lessons and gifts this past year. Now I am passing this gift to you. Will you receive it?

I KNOW it’s hard to hear it. It is HARD to accept it. It is HARD to receive it when it ‘feels’ like all we are doing is pouring everything OUT of us into everyone else.

And yet, the only reason we often lack what we want is we are RESISTING it. We simply don’t allow it in.

Our level of receiving is directly related to our level of allowing.

Maybe it’s time to look at the real REASON why we are doing that.

What is it you really want?

What part of you is missing so you are trying to get it filled outside of you?

What IF... instead you took a beat, stopped that insatiable chasing for stuff outside of you and started to FILL your HEART first?

In my experience... once I DO that... THEN the MAGIC shows up around me. I experience MORE love IN relationship than I ever asked for, more than I need, more than I imagined was possible.

Xoxo - Christine



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