Episode 43: How to RECEIVE Abundantly - > Are you CLOSED off or OPEN to receiving?

Uncategorized May 11, 2022

How GOOD are you at RECEIVING? Are you open or closed off to it?

Is there even room in your life to receive ALL that you are created for?

Or are you repelling the love + affection you crave, the prosperity you are designed for, the VISION that wants to call you and come through you?

Today’s episode is the 1st of a 3 part series on the ART of RECEIVING and GIVING and it’s inspired by so many men and women  I work with who come to me because they are terrified to receive. 


That’s right. They are terrible at receiving and as a result they are burned out, stressed out, overextended - resentful - and jealous of other people's relationships and lives. 


Truth is they are so full of ANXIETY + FEAR + TENSION that there isn’t any room for abundant receiving to happen in their lives. They literally repel gifts, love, opportunities because they are addicted to fighting for it, needing to control the process and are simply uncomfortable with receiving - love, joy, fun into their lives!


They get a momentary hit of ‘goodness’, only for it to quickly be pulled away from them.

They feel like they haven’t earned it - so they sabotage it. 

Or, every time someone wants to ‘give’ them something, they tense up, recoil and wonder what the catch is?


Sound familiar? Then this conversation is for you my friends.

Awareness is the first step to change.


AND if you’re already pretty good at this receiving thing, you can open yourself up to RECEIVE even more. That’s the STATE of being abundant.


In This Episode I Unpack:

  • Living from a state of abundance 
  • How to accept the gifts that have been given to you
  • What our Breathing patterns tell about how good you are at receiving abundantly or pushing energy away
  • Being a steward of the resources God has given us. 
  • ASKING vs DEMANDING for what you desire
  • Emotions that block receiving
  • Making the SWITCH to a state of RECEIVERSHIP
  • Why Intention Matters and you can’t bypass this!


Check out these timestamps!

  • 6:07- We must consistently empty ourselves in order to receive fully. 
  • 15:40- Are you asking for help or are you trying to take it all on yourself? 
  • 18:55- Emotions + Receiving 
  • 25:27- 3 Steps to Transformation - Awareness + Integration + Embodiment


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