Episode 46: The Addiction Free Lifestyle with Ronnie Landis - Breaking Free from Addiction

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2022

Ronnie Landis is a leading expert in holistic health, natural nutrition, peak performance, and human potential. He is also an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, and a full-time athlete.

He holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a former semi-professional athlete and holistic practitioner for years. Ronnie focuses his life work on educating people on optimizing the body, sharpening the mind, and expanding the human spirit.

Today we are talking about addiction but specifically the addictive/coping strategies we turn to and the psycho/emotional things going on below the surface that drive these behaviors. 

Whether it’s closet eating, unconscious social media scrolling, alcohol dependency, retail therapy, sex addictions, nicotine…  The list goes on - we can all relate at some level - and many high achievers have grown up in homes where addiction was part of our upbringing. 

In this episode we unpack:

  • The two things that make something technically addictive
  • The dangers of collectivism - identifying to certain group dynamics
  • The role of shame and guilt that keeps us looped in - what are we really hiding from
  • What’s missing from many addiction ‘recovery’ programs and why people keep relapsing
  • Where to begin 
  • The importance of taking ACTION in creating momentum - getting IN the body and shifting behavior
  • Delayed vs. instant gratification
  • The Addiction-Free Lifestyle by Ronnie Landis
  • Dopamine Reset Protocol:
  • Reset – abstaining and withdraw process
  • Reboot – Lifestyle change; new skills acquisition - 
  • Movement/fitness
  • Waking/sleep cycle
  • Recovery – Integrate/practice; recovering parts we lost through trauma, parts that led to addiction

Notable Quotes 

The things we get addicted to are just one dimension of the conversation. 

The person is the other part of the conversation and 

we need to be able to separate those two things.


“People often trade out one thing for another addiction 

without fully healing what’s actually going on inside them”


Symptoms are just a downstream effect of sensation that’s arising in the body

 of a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. - Ronnie 



Guest Resources: 

Connect with Ronnie Landis 

Website: https://www.hhphealth.com/

Get the Book: Addiction Free Lifestyle https://theaddictionfreelifestyle.com/book

Do the Reset “ The Ultimate Dopamine Reset – A 30-Days Program To Reboot Your Life



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