Episode 47: Celebrating our Expansion! + Doubts, Insecurities and Fears that come up in the Process

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2022

Are you GROWING together + CELEBRATING often, even in the midst of discomfort?

Do you have a clear VISION for yourself and as a couple?


Today. I am joined by one of my favorite humans on the planet, my husband, Mark. We are here to celebrate with you guys and share a personal story of our most recent UPLEVEL as a couple!  


Welcome to Project GRAVITAS! 


We just merged two homes and this has been a monumental step for us. Today we are sharing our vision with you, and with that, some of the insecurities, the doubts and the fears that showed up IN the process. 


Whenever you're expanding, moving into new seasons, growing as a couple or individually - there is going to be some ‘turbulence’ along the way.


We had to come to a place where we would both ditch our personal agendas and lead with the intention to be open to God surprising us, leading us, and being open to receive more than we imagined possible - while completely releasing the timeline attached to that.


This week is evidence of that coming to fruition. 


The fruits of our micro decisions & daily  intention produce some amazing, 

beautiful experiences! 

In this Episode we unpack:


  • What is Project GRAVITAS all about and why did we choose it?
  • Our success blueprints as a couple who are committed to GROWTH together
  • Supporting each other in the process
  • Honoring ALL of it - the journey IS the story we tell!
  • You get what you FOCUS on – so get CLEAR on what you desire!
  • The importance of a shared Vision + Clear communication
  • The Dangers of Rushing the Process + Permission to Slow Down
  • Doubts, Fears and Insecurities 

So much more!


Everything I coach and mentor on, I live out myself in real life. Today’s episode is another sneak peek into the EVIDENCE of the Work!



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