Episode 52: ONE Year! Getting Out of Your Own Way!

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2022

Today we are celebrating ONE full year of the UNTAMED LIFE podcast and I am diving into the SPECIFIC things I believe PUT US into the place of Abundance, Overflow and Alignment.

That’s correct. We get PUT THERE. And how we got PUT there is by setting down our own agenda and  getting OUT of the way.

Just over a year ago I felt the call on my heart to create this podcast and to not hesitate! At the time I felt highly unqualified and wasn't even sure what the format would end up being. Yet - here we are celebrating 52 consecutive weeks of recording and releasing episodes without a single blip or break! That’s some massive progress on so many levels.

MOST of my life I have resisted consistency + commitment in the name of “freedom” and flexibility and yet the journey proves that when we move and swap our self serving hearts for ones of deep service - we enter the space of ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

What is paradoxical is that living IN the space of ultimate freedom and abundance also means living in the space of submission, devotion and obedience. What?!

Correct. The very reason I am sitting here today in FULL ALIGNMENT is because I embraced the very things I fought against nearly my entire life.

The things I thought would give me freedom kept enslaving me.

The things I thought would enslave me were actually the things that SET ME FREE. 

In today’s episode we are talking about: 

  • Why submit? And WHAT are we submitting to anyway?
  • Practical real life examples of living IN Obedience day in and day out
  • Why I ditched goal setting in this process and WHAT I do/focus on instead
  • How to get out of our own way
  • The Art of Devotion 
  • Positioning yourself to BE OPEN 
  • Adopting an ALL IN HEART 

BONUS - Do you have the INFRASTRUCTURE and daily habits to SUPPORT the life you are asking for?

None of this is here because I set out a goal to go get it.

None of this is here because I chased it, or “made”, forced it or hustled my way into making it happen. 

I am here today, in this incredible relationship - in this amazing home - doing work I love on a daily basis - podcasting/writing/playing a TON - 

 because I FINALLY got out of the way and allowed more to happen through me.

We are the VESSELS - not the SOURCE.





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