Episode 59: Prosperity Consciousness, Core Abundance Beliefs & 6 Types of Wealth

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2022

I have seen so many people, including myself have “EVERYTHING” yet feel like they have NOTHING - constantly anxious about today and tomorrow .And I have seen those with very little laugh and live as if they have it ALL - so what is the secret and what does a prosperous life even look like?

Today I am sharing the 6 types of Wealth and doing a check in with you to see if you are in survival mode, poverty mode, comfort mode or OVERFLOW mode? Personally I want to live from a state of overflow in ALL arenas of life and YES I do believe we are created to delight in ALL of life, not just dabbles of it.

I am also sharing my definition of prosperity consciousness and some of the core beliefs/laws I am living by that have allowed me to experience so much richness over the past 3 years. As l embrace these laws and continue to deepen in my obedience to them, I see things are multiplying faster than any 'methods' the world programs ever taught me.

We are discussing:

  1. CREATION is designed to REVEAL these laws to us
  2. The Ecosystem of Wealth already exists- we are the ones who get 'in the way'
  3. DESIGNED to BE prosperous - nothing is ‘lacking’ in Gods's Kingdom
  4. Our Father WANTS to POUR out blessing on us. A FEAST for our senses, not scraps to get by
  5. Operating FROM The SPIRIT + LOVE + OBEDIENCE are the path to ABUNDANCE
  6. No such thing as competition - “Adversaries” are allies and collaboration are instigators of NEW birth 
  7. Co-CREATION always multiplies - self creation always forces
  8. What you send out, always comes back exponentially 7x, 10x, 100x (boomerang effect
  9. DELIGHT is the KEY!

I serve a GOD who wants to DELIGHT and SURPRISE Us. “Delight in in the Lord in all your ways, and he will give you the desires of your heart. - Psalm 37:4 (Grumbling and complaining is a sure path to lack!)

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