Episode 61: 7 Standards to Normalize for a Thriving Relationship

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2022

What we DO inside our intimate relationships often mirrors how we do all relationships in our life. It’s incredible how intricately woven the relationships in our life are. 


Are we NORMALIZING GREAT Relationships in our life?


Is LOVE enough for a GREAT relationship? 

I believe the answer is yes and …no.  Unconditional LOVE in its pure essence would be more than enough, however most of us are not bringing that to the table. We are still carrying wounding from our past into our relationships, and while we believe we are operating from love, we are often showing up with self protecting, self serving or expectant hearts - on the defensive, offensive, waiting to be disappointed. 


We want to feel loved, but struggle to operate from it. We want to be seen and heard, but have trouble hearing each other. We want intimacy, but keep hiding.


Today we are flipping the script into the things we want to FOCUS MORE of our attention, energy and focus on that are the natural byproducts and conduits of LOVE in action.


We can call them STANDARDS or HABITS if you will that successful couples - power couples hold as the Norm. Whether it’s inside your most intimate relationships, around the dinner table with your kids or around the boardroom table - all 7 of these apply.

In this episode I am diving into: 


  1. Cultivating and atmosphere of RESPECT + HONOR
  2. BUILDING EACH other up - Multiplying Each Other vs Diminishing Each Other)
  3. SERVING from DESIRE vs Duty and Obligation (Passion vs Resentment)

ASKING better questions - HOW can I BETTER LOVE you?  Show up for you? (Switch the game instead of always focusing on what they are. Not doing for you)

  1. The ART of INTENTIONAL Connection. 

Moving from Mindless, mundane communications to INTENTIONAL time and space for things you want to do together: Talks, Dates, Vision Planning - Working through struggles on the same team.

  1. Learning to be OK with your Partner's Emotions
  2. Total TRANSPARENCY - The catalyst to TRUST
  3. Having more FUN together

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