Episode 62: The MultiDimensional Human: Your 4 “Bodies” Explained

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2022

We are multidimensional beings designed to experience wholeness in our body: complete healing, richness of life experiences, intimacy and connection in our relationships. 


Yet most of us are walking around disconnected and disembodied from our holistic nature. We find ourselves fighting an internal battle where it seems like the different  parts of us are competing with one another, rather than collaborating. 


We are disappointed with our physical bodies, stuck in overdrive in our mental bodies, emotionally devoid or swinging wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. Then there is our spiritual body.


We may find ourselves focusing on ONE  aspect or dimension  of the Human body at a time, often at the expense or ignorance of the others:


Today's show is a must listen if you are seeking to better understand your intricate, multi-dimensional DESIGN, open your potential beyond the physical and experience WHOLENESS 


In this episode I unpack


  • The four body types of our human design
  • Symptoms of being under active and disconnected from each one 
  • Symptoms of being hyper focused in overdrive in each of these 4 areas 
  • Why focusing on one area alone is not enough



As I continue to explore this multi dimensional reality that we live in. I continue to be fascinated with how deep and wide we can go and experience life and just how shallow most human beings are living. 


Shallow depth and superficial experiences have become the NORM - but we are designed for so much more and I believe the secret lies in understanding we are multidimensional BEINGS!


let’s dive  in 

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