Episode 65: Why You Struggle to Have HEALTHY Relationships

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2022

Do you STRUGGLE in having healthy relationships? 


Have you had a hard time attracting a partner that truly appreciates you? 


Are you in a constant battle to be heard, seen and understood inside your relationships? 


Today I’m sharing some of the common “operating systems” and characteristics of people who repeatedly struggle in establishing and HOLDING onto healthy relational dynamics.


Note - I USED to be this person so this is a loving share from a raw, real place 🤍


In this episode I’m unpacking 


  • The things that trigger our HOT buttons 
  • WHY you’re easy to “mess with”
  • Are you afraid of being controlled and manipulated ? 
  • What causes us to be easily manipulated 
  • How to stop playing defensive or offensive game all the time 
  • Breaking the patterns of our past “mental program”
  • Are we making other people our “Master”?
  • Ditching the measuring stick + transactional dynamics 
  • Defining What is the relationship FOR? 


And so much more… 


Plus! The POWER QUESTION to ask yourself on the regular....


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