Episode 67: Navigating Emotional Exhaustion + Feeling Like Yourself Again

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2022

Sometimes you are just OFF. You are easily triggered over the simplest things. Your motivation and desire for the things you once loved seems to be escaping you and you simply don’t feel like yourself.  

Ever experienced that?


Sometimes… Even in the midst of ALL the amazing things in our life, our beautiful home, our healthy family, our prosperous financial situation - we still find ourselves with a heavy heart, dissatisfied, or even disappointed. 


There are times when our HEART is heavy and our SOUL is tired.


I have been moving through a season of this recently and it’s challenged me to dig deep into my reflective toolbox. 


In today's episode I am sharing some things that I do and meditate on that continue to help me move through dense, heavier periods of my life, not necessarily with ‘ease’, but certainly with way less force and fight and a whole lot more patience, understanding and grace.


What can we ASK ourselves when we are feeling heavy, dense and our SOUL is tired?


In this episode I am sharing:

  • Moving beyond ‘gratitude’ practices
  • What to do when our “Soul” feels heavy and tired
  • Lessons from a 6 year old - the one inside us:)
  • My personal reflection tools and meditations 



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