Episode 68: Still chasing and performing for affection + love

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2022

Are you still chasing and performing for love + affection?

Are you Constantly beating yourself up, convinced that you are screwing things up, have not done enough, or keep missing the mark somehow when it comes to your relationship?

Do you catch yourself feeling ‘undeserving’ of love or perhaps reciting to yourself

 “I DESERVE to be loved, to have someone who appreciates me and treats me better!”

And.. no matter how much you tell yourself this, you still don’t believe it.

Maybe a part of you is secretly feeling like you’ve been dealt a bad hand when it comes to the relationships you are in and if you are honest with yourself you are wondering,

 ``What did I DO to DESERVE this?!” 


In today’s episode I'm diving into why I think we need to DITCH this whole “deservingness” attitude + how it’s actually keeping us FROM the very things we are created FOR.


As always I will pull back the curtain to give you a fresh perspective on how to look at traditional topics of PERFORMANCE, Worthiness and Ownership so you can stop rehashing the past cycles and move the needle forward in the arenas of love, vitality and abundance.


In today's show I am sharing 


  • Why this whole concept of DESERVING is actually keeping you FROM experiencing the very thing you are created FOR
  • How you are unconsciously rejecting yourself - WHO you ARE at your core
  • Breaking free of transacting and performing inside relationships 
  • The fallacy of feeling IN Love. Moving beyond fleeting feelings into the REAL deal
  • How to show up more authentically inside our relationships
  • Better questions to ASK yourself when you are looking at the PAST. Questions that MOVE you forward instead of keep you in a holding pattern
  • Looking through the eyes of a child - how it changes everything!


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