Episode 37: Are you FIGHTING the SPIRIT or LEADING with it?

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2022

How do we move forward boldly,  knowing we are moving in the right direction?

I often get asked some version of this question

How do I know when I am moving IN STEP with the Spirit or fighting against it?

How can I TELL if this (decision/thing) is God’s will for my life or not?

I see a couple things happen here...

  •  People getting PARALYZED by indecision or inaction here. They lack BOLDNESS.
  •  Others keep ASKING for what they already HAVE! They are not acknowledging + accepting the answers and so they pray over it and meditate on it + ask for direction on things they have already been given answers to!  They lack the ability to RECEIVE + MULTIPLY.
  •  Then there are Others who are overwhelmed and drowning in pressure bc they seize EVERY opportunity that present itself to them. They lack DISCERNMENT
  •  Those who it seem to have it DIALLED IN a good portion of the time (not always) but often  - they are TRULY connected to their Spirit and the heart of GOD, IN flow state much of the time as they walk in the wisdom, guidance and plans laid out for their soul

⚜️YES I do believe there are divine plans laid out for us, should we CHOOSE to accept them ⚜️

In Today’s Episode, I Unpack:

  •  Leaning IN to BOLD action
  •  How to know you are moving in the right direction
  •  Identifying your God given gifts and how to get them out into the world.
  •  Flow state, Divine timing + Divine Order
  •  Checking the seeds of your heart before you move
  •  The gift of Decisiveness
  •  HONOURING what you’ve been given instead of doubting it.
  •  Season of trials as teachers
  •  of how to Manage  our gifts

Check out these timestamps!

3:04- Yes. You already have the answers.

11:20- Leaning on God’s diving knowledge + wisdom + understanding.

15:34- Checking your heart.

18:35- Making a choice. Start with picking the seed you feel inspired to give oxygen  + nurture + give life to RIGHT NOW.

25:10 Usually we are taken through a season of trials where we are being taught how to manage + steward our gifts in a powerful way.

31:12 If this is not the exact thing you are meant to do, as long as you are moving from the right place of your heart and you moving in alignment with + honoring your gifts - this thing may not be the ultimate thing you're called to do but it will lead you to the next thing.

31:34- My stepping stone journey.

Notable quotes:

You already know in the depths of your soul what the answer is, but have fallen into the trap of doubt, not trusting, or not moving when you are called to move.

Hesitation is disobedience of the spirit.

 Instead of getting caught up on “which one” is the correct one: PICK one. Choose the one you feel inspired to give oxygen  + to nurture + give life to at this stage of the game!

Your gifts have been in you since the beginning.

Are you comfortable and cozy in your life?

If so…you’re probably not moving in the right direction. It’s time to move to a place when you're on the EDGE.

and of course...

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight. - Proverbs 3:6 -

Let’s DIVE in! 


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