I am NOT Setting Goals for 2020

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020

I am NOT setting any Goals for 2020.

In fact, I am turning everything I USED to DO upside down and inside out right now.

In the past I have always rushed into the new year setting a new vision, making aggressive goals and figuring out EXACTLY how I was going to achieve them.

I attacked the new year in relentless pursuit of the “NEXT” thing.

I LOVED setting goals.

I loved the rush of chasing something and knowing there would be very little that could stand in my way.

Sometimes the goal was

getting a PB in a half marathon...

Or Competing in a tough Half Ironman...

In the business - breaking $50k months, then hitting $60k then Chasing down $70k per month...

With my health, it was making sure my body fat % stayed WELL under 19-20%

You get it.

I was in a constant chase. Hustling. Focused. HUNGRY.

That OLD blueprint of hustling, grinding, chasing, setting goals and stopping at nothing served me... for a LONG time.

It allowed me to SURVIVE and OVERCOME so much and for that I am ever grateful.

Becoming a fighter, a warrior got me through so many hard times in my teens, in my divorce.

That ACHIEVER blueprint helped me sell my wedding ring to start a business as a single mom of 3 kids when I was scared ****less.

For that I am grateful.

That was when I needed it.

And now... it’s time.

That blueprint will no longer serve me.

It got me here. But it won’t get me THERE.

At some point, that blueprint started forcing me up against a wall over and over again.

I kept trying to do NEW things with the SAME old beliefs, identity and patterns and found myself hitting walls in my relationships, in my business, in my finances.

The ‘harder’ I tried to break through, the ‘harder’ it was.

Physically, mentally and emotionally - exhausting.

2019 was a year I made a DECLARATION to the Universe, to myself, to GOD that I was READY to transform.

And did I ever.

It was a year of experiencing the most beautiful love, compassion, and grace.

To connect with ALL my RADIANCE and Magic and fully own it - unapologetically

I fell in love and felt love in a way that I never experienced or thought possible

I reconnected with my SOUL and felt my SPIRIT soaring - calling me

I redefined what SUCCESS meant for me

As LEANED IN I also realized that in order
To honour and fully accept this place my heart is calling me to

I get to RELEASE And LET go of things that no longer served me.

That. Was. Painful.

Yet. In RELEASING I slowly CREATED space for what I truly desire to enter.

Without this purging, we remain BOUND with chains of the past.

So ... heading into 2020

I am not setting any “goals”.
I won’t be CHASING anything.



I choose continuing to be RAW and REAL about what beliefs, patterns, habits, choices I have been attached to - that I learned along the way that NO longer APPLY
For where my soul is headed.

The MORE I become aware, the faster I unlearn, the faster I manifest my NEW desires.

I CHOOSE to be CALLING in, not CHASING things, people, experiences, clients that are in 100% ALIGNMENT

I CHOOSE to become RELENTLESS about my ENERGY and state.

Not because I need to look a certain way, but because I recognize the POWER of it over every other arena.


Staying Crystal CLEAR,

Being BOLD


I WILL ALLOW myself receive MORE than I ever thought or could imagine possible.

THIS new way of being - as I am learning now is WAY more POWERFUL in Manifesting our desires than any goal setting or chasing could ever be....

Because after all - I am no longer trying to create NEW outcomes with the SAME OLD beliefs and identity of my past.

So - I am INVITING YOU....


Before you set ANY goals or vision for yourself,

ASK yourself .....

WHO is really driving these goals?

Who you are today (that person setting these goals) is a collection of the experiences of your

What if INSTEAD:

1. You REALLY DECIDE this thing you desire is a non-negotiable.
2. You CHOOSE to BREAK FREE & UNLEARN the patterns of the past
3. You are WILLING to TRUST and get uncomfortable as you RELEASE the OLD so you can
4. CREATE space for the NEW to stay... that relationship, the business growth, the health you’ve been wanting but unable to sustain.

It’s ALL available.

Maybe if what used to work isn’t working - it’s time for a FRESH approach.

I’ll be UNLEARNING and I am inviting you to join me:)

Comment below and let me know what's coming up for you!

Happy New Year!

P.S If you are READY to BREAK FREE of those OLD Patterns, Stories and Behaviours and you want the tools, resources and coaching to help you CREATE space for & MANIFEST more than you ever need or can imagine - I am here for you!

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