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And this is what has inspired me to write this love note, from the Feminine to the Masculine.

I believe in the Sovereign MASCULINE and that our world needs you now more than ever.

I believe in the goodness that lies in your heart. I believe in the strength that you carry for others. I believe that you are created ON purpose, as a MAN IN your amazing musculature, stature and structure because only you possess the ability to protect, lead and guide us.


I believe you deeply honour and respect the feminine. That every bone in your body wants to protect her and witness her shine in all her delight and radiance.


I believe it brings you great pleasure to allow ALL her power of creation to flow, and her BEAUTY to be fully revealed.
It is SHE that brings forth LIFE in all things and It is HER whisper than can mobilize a thousand men.


This is why she has been silenced, This is why she has been persecuted and attacked.


This is WHY she is CALLING on you now.

Without her, there is no home. There is no family. No creation.


I know in my HEART, as a WOMAN, the daughter of the KING of Kings. The beloved of the ALPHA and OMEGA.


I SEE you for who you really are, WHO you are created to be, And we NEED you now more than ever.


We need your Safety. Structure. Presence. Ground under our feet. Your leadership matters.


We need to know that you STAND for something. That you will be the ROCK on shaky ground.


And you need us.


The feminine, to honour you and stand alongside you. To create the space where you can come home to, put down your armour, and REST your weary mind.


I know you have been craving to FEEL our LOVE, to be certain of our devotion to you and to KNOW we TRUST you in every cell of our being.
The feminine INFUSES LIFE into Every single experience.

She is the one who facilitated the healing, the nurturing, administering the sacred medicine the world has been hurting for.
I know how amazing it is to experienceThe feminine essence
acknowledging your presence Inviting you IN to her most sacred spaces.


Breathing oxygen into your lungs, Becoming the air under your wings And yes, bringing magic to your world.


What a glorious dance we engage in When we learn to play together, In service to each other.


What a WORLD we co-create, When we work together, FOR each other And not against one another.


The world has tried to pull the wool over our eyes. To block us from truly SEEING each other. By telling us LIES about one another.


It has tried to deafen our ears to hear The calmness of the Masculine presence And the sweet song of the Feminine. By pouring noise into our minds.


It has tried to make us NUMB to each other, Robbing us of our MAGNETISM and PASSION By watering down our uniqueness, Convincing us there was something Wrong with DESIRING the other.
Oh no.
I will not buy the lies any longer.
I will not allow the noise to enter.
I will not be ashamed of being in the
DEEP DESIRE of the Masculine.
It is my natural design to want you Because together, we create NEW LIFE.
As a QUEEN I have my role,
And in it I come ALIVE
As a KING you have a role,
And in it - you find Purpose.
Together, as KING and QUEEN, We RISE to create a new world.
YES, I believe in you.

I believe in the MASCULINE.

For as you RISE into the KING you are Created to be, you create the fortress That allows ALL of me to feel safe
To create, to inspire and to sustain you.
You are the ground under my feet. I am the air under your wings.
This is how we shall FLY, my love. 



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