Is the DRIFT Pulling you out to Sea?

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Remember the last time you went on vacation?

Do you remember how much time, energy and thought you put into planning it? Finding flights, deciding where to stay, what restaurants to check out... what activities you MUST add to your 'bucket list'. Planning trips is so exciting and I have yet to meet someone who doesn't get jazzed up about it.

It's exiting! It's something we look forward to... and something we invest incredible attention and Intention to.

Here's the thing.

Most of us spend more time planning a weekend getaway or a dinner out than we really put into intentionally planning our LIVES.

It's sad and unfortunately very true.

Then we wake up one day and wonder..... "What happened? How on earth did I get this way?"

"THIS is not how I thought I would look/feel/end up!"

Hmmmm. That my friend is what I call the DRIFT.

The best analogy I’ve come up with while working with clients to describe how most people live their lives is that they get carried away by the tide and then they DRIFT - mindlessly thinking they are going somewhere while in reality they are LOST.

Imagine the powerful ocean currents pulling you in whichever direction they wish.

Life can have the same effect. People, circumstances, and indecision can carry anyone away into the tide if you let it. 

It’s how people lose track of their priorities and find themselves unhealthy. I believe this is why people are unhappy in jobs, relationships, and with life in general. Because we think life is out of our control. We forget that we get to choose.

So, if you catch yourself thinking that a situation you’re unhappy with just “is what it is,” that’s a sign you’re getting carried away in the tide. You are DRIFTING.

The beautiful thing is that you can

STOP the DRIFT and start paddling your way back to the destination you want with these 5 steps:

1) WAKE UP: It takes awareness first that you are actually drifting...swept away in the tide. Face reality, Recognize the truth and admit we are there. 

2) GET CLEAR. This one is a biggie. Most people DRIFT because they never took the time to get CLEAR. CLEAR on what they want. What do you want to experience at work, at home, in relationships? What will that look like and feel like?

How will you KNOW you have achieved it?

Here's the thing about clarity. 95% of people I speak with think they have some clue but are so vague. When I keep drilling down, they frustratingly admit..."I really don't know". I don't KNOW what I want.   

I will write more on this later however for now if you are not clear on what you DO want then I encourage you to get CLEAR on what you absolutely do not want in your life.

3) DECIDE. Yes. Decide. Draw the line and commit. This is another area we stop and bottleneck ourselves. We allow 'What if..." thinking to creep in and then we procrastinate, forget or worse - settle for fine out of fear because "it's not so bad". If you WANT more, you have to DECIDE you are going to do this.

4) EMBRACE the Struggles. Every great story has a struggle, battle or low point to it. Every MASTER becomes one through repetition and practicing in spite of getting knocked down. If we don't get in the trenches then we don't earn the victory. 

This has been a game changer for me and one I am constantly reframing on both for myself and my clients. If we are just jumping from one 'high' point to the next we are not growing. In order to grow we must not only anticipate but EMBRACE the struggles as part of our essential path to mastery.

5) GET MOVING. Create an ACTION PLAN. A clear path - outlined - just like an itinerary of where you are going, what times, what you will do and how you will get there.

That CLARITY & ACTION PLAN is where I come in. If you KNOW you are drifting and honestly don't want to go out any further in this tide - then I would love to help guide you back.

If you are ready to START moving in a new direction and CREATE the life you want, I invite you to have a conversation with me. Book your complimentary 15 minute Strategy Call here: 

I would also love to hear your feedback on this. Please take two secs to comment below on your biggest takeaway and share this with a friend or colleague you know needs this message right now! 

Dedicated to your success - Christine




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