The "Hard" Truth About Manifesting Your Desires...

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

THE “HARD” TRUTH ABOUT “MANIFESTING” YOUR DESIRES & what the heck’s IS manifesting anyway?

First off let’s clarify what Manifesting even means...

To Manifest something simply means to make APPEAR to the eyes what was ALREADY there 💫.

Interesting. ALL we desire is HERE the whole time, yet we can’t see it. We are BLIND to see, feel, hear, experience it.

We simply can’t create what we desire unless we are OPEN to SEE it.

Here’s what I often hear from clients, people etc who want to manifest a new reality ....

➡️“How LONG will it take?”

➡️“Can I still ..... (do my old stuff) and Be Open to Receive my Soulmate?”
(READ. I want to keep doing what I know isn’t working while getting what I want) 🤦🏻‍♀️

➡️“How will I KNOW if this will work? I don’t want to put all this time into something and it doesn’t work!?”

➡️“I’ve TRIED for so long, and nothing is changing for me.”

➡️“I KNOW that.... BUT..... “

➡️“Can you give me the EXACT strategy you use?” (Lol)

Those are just a few of the many comments & questions I get on a daily basis when potential clients or people engage in this conversation with me.

It’s so fun...

But painful to watch sometimes.

Because I CAN relate! This was totally me. ALL up in MY HEAD, needing to KNOW and CONTROL the path, the outcomes. CLINGING on to certainty, AFRAID of screwing it all up, UNSURE if it was every really going to happen to me.

Can you relate?

NOW - things are radically different. I have learned that MANIFESTING does take “WORK” but it’s not the hard work you’ve learned about.

In fact, that ‘hard work’ model is actually upside down and inside out. It has ZERO to do with EXTERNAL factors and 💯 to do with the INNER factors.

I keep talking about it because I see the SHIFTS every day as we move into this new model. Things change fast and it’s incredible!!

Here’s the HARD truth about MANIFESTING as well as the process I work through myself. It takes a radical shift in thinking and being and it’s available to ALL of us.

1. Most people don’t get what they want because they are NOT crystal clear on WHAT they actually want! They are CHASING what they ‘think’ they ‘should’ want or are extremely vague about their goals and desires.

2. Get crystal clear on WHAT you stand for and what you don’t stand for anymore. Then get in alignment to that. Most people are wish washy and are masters of focusing on what they DON’T want, creating the experience over and over and over again!

3. TRAIN yourself to live in the EMOTIONS of already having WHAT you desire. This is DAILY consistent work and it’s awesome. You can’t do it by sticking an affirmation up on the wall - sorry 😞

4. STOP RESISTING. What you resist WILL persist. The moment you get this, things start to shift quickly!

5. RELEASE the attachment. This one can FEEL hard because it’s through our attachments we validate our identity. YET this is the very reason we are STUCK in old identities we don’t love anymore. Attachment will prolong your suffering.

6. SURRENDER to the process. This I can’t say enough about. The more you try to control with a tight grip, the more energy you waste and the longer it takes.

7. TRUST. Practice daily radical FAITH in what you can not see. GOD is way bigger than this ‘problem’ you are creating. You can do it your way, or you can lean in that something/someone much greater than you has a plan and it’s way better than you can imagine!

8. OPEN your heart. You can’t RECEIVE if you are CLOSED and wearing a plate of protective armour. Be OPEN to RECEIVE more than you imagined possible.

9. Train yourself to LISTEN to your SOUL voice first over your HEAD voice! One wants you to expand, the other wants you to stay the same.

10. When a DOOR OPENS (Opportunity ALWAYS presents itself) choose the COURAGE to WALK through it! Lean in.

ALL this. This is daily inner work. THIS is the ‘hard’ work. It’s being true to yourself and the process with all the external distraction and noise.

It’s the work of STAYING INNER focused instead of letting EXTERNAL forces pull you in a million directions.

It’s the work of using your BRAIN’s supercomputer as a tool instead of IT using you as the tool.

This is the work I do. And it’s exactly what I teach and coach my clients to do.

What would your LIFE be like if you were CREATING from a different place?

What would it FEEL like to have that relationship, that peace, that energy & fulfillment you’ve been chasing for years?

Maybe it’s time to try something different. If this resonates with you, I invite you to apply for the ALIGNED EXPERIENCE Inner Circle.

It’s a step by step coaching process to help you break free from the patterns of the past and start to create alignment and FREEDOM!

This is not a 4 week course. It’s not a quick fix. It’s not something you will get excited about for a month then forget about. It’s not ANOTHER BS attempt at trying to FIX yourself.

It’s a TRANSFORMATIVE journey blending SOUL & SCIENCE.

12 People for 12 Months working closely together through a process of UNLEARNING. It’s an INNER CIRCLE of Conscious entrepreneurs and executives ready for a NEW way of operating! This is my SOUL’S work and I am so excited to DIG deep with you!

Comment ALIGNED EXPERIENCE below and I will connect with you with next steps to learn more!

XO - Christine


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