The LIES we believe about Relationships

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2019

As a high-performance coach, I hear a lot about how relationships are hard work.

Or that we need to sacrifice things that matter to us and compromise who we are to have this amazing, kickass relationship.

Even, that we need to struggle for a long time together and come out stronger to be the power couple that we want to be.

But the people that are saying these things and show it off on social media...are bullshit. Or they are gearing towards a different audience and maybe that kind of lifestyle or relationship style isn't fit for you and your partner.

A BIG one I hear from people is that "I don't deserve a relationship like that." But where does that come from?

We see things as challenges, and what do we do when we are presented with a challenge? We want to overcome it or fix the problem. And the "problem" in this scenario is our relationships.

We want to be FIXERS

We get sucked into the belief that the fighting and the conflict is an essential part of the growth of our relationships. 

Conflict and fights are normal in relationships though, it's communication. And communication is key to having a lasting relationship.
BUT, we shouldn't expect all of these things.

We all tend to cycle through this toxic relationship blueprint and somewhere along the line we have to bring it to a halt and see that we do deserve love and a healthy relationship.
And we DON'T need to compromise and lose ourselves in the process of being an amazing power couple.

Yes, relationships are HARD WORK, but they are not HARD. Love is not and should not be DIFFICULT

When you become addicted to the chaos and the when it becomes toxic.

If you're anticipating the MEGA highs and the DEEP lows then you're just riding a tidal wave of emotional damage.

BUT, we get to choose that our relationships get to be a place of collaboration, listening, ease, and flow.

All of these struggles and conflicts that happen are essentially just mirrors to what's going on inside of us. 
If there are conflicts and chaos inside of us, it's going to show up in our relationships. And what's happening on the inside is now going to manifest on the outside.

What if we didn't have to struggle with this though?

Instead of looking at the other person and thinking "what's wrong with THEM?" or "Why are THEY doing these things?"

We should hold up the mirror and think "What am doing in my life to bring this out?" "How am I viewing my relationships?" 

As soon as we turn around and look at what's going on inside of us we will see what is being reflected back to us and will be able to change it.

We will then start to see all these healthy changes reflect back on us.

We will view our relationships in a different light, and we will see our partner in a different light.

And in turn, those things will start to flow and vibe much better with us.

We need to be the vibrational match of what we want to call in.


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