The TRUTH no one is telling you

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

I am coming to you Raw, Real, and Unfiltered today ON purpose for a purpose 

I WANT to support you in breaking past this (B.S.) loop you keep finding yourself in because I know in my bones you are divinely created to experience heaven on earth. 

I know that sounds a little far fetched, and I also know in my soul this IS what is possible for you. A loving, connected, and trusting relationship. Meaningful connections. Purpose Filled Work that lights you up. A body that is vibrant, energized, and looks/feels amazing to be in! A spirit that is fully at EASE.

We are designed to experience the fullness of life. And yet so many of us are SETTLING for this place of “partial joy”.  

Partial Fulfillment. Partial health & vitality - when the whole is available to us! 

You might be asking yourself

“What on earth is going on with me?” 

“WHY do I still struggle with this constant feeling of being alone and unable to break free of this old pattern?” 

“WHAT is it actually going to take for me to get past this once and for all?”

So here it is. The truth no one is telling you and the MAGIC that's going to help you get to the other side. 

5 Reasons Why You are Not Breaking Through to the next level

#1. You are NOT in your true Decisive Power.  

That’s right. You’re being wishy-washy. One foot in, one foot out. Maybe it’s in your relationship. You say you want an epic relationship, but really you’re not willing to take 100% decisive ownership over it. You keep settling for less than. Indecisive energy is confusing and sends a mixed message of (lack) of faith to God. How can you be fully supported in receiving when you are unclear about what you want?

Do this instead: 

Decide once and for all exactly WHAT you want, what that looks like and that you will not settle for anything that is not 100% aligned to that!

#2. You are playing the Victim.

I know you don’t want to hear it, but we all do it. So the faster you own it, the better and quicker you move beyond it. Where are you still blaming someone else, something else, somewhere else for your current problem or situation? When we blame we are literally giving someone else the keys to our personal power. Do you want to continue to be a slave to the external or a master to the internal?

Do this instead: 

Decide and declare right now: "I AM the creator of my reality and 100% responsible for all that I have created and how I experience it in my mind, body, spirit."

#3 You are addicted to superficial fulfillment. 

You aren’t willing to SLOW down, take your foot off the gas, and actually SEE what’s going on. There is this innate drive for instant satisfaction (we all have it) and therefore you’re in the trap of staying ‘busy’, distracted and out of alignment with your heart. You get short term satisfaction but it’s never satisfying.

Do this instead:

Create S P A C E

In your mind. In your body. In your schedule.  Actually create spaciousness for CLARITY to present itself.

#4. You aren’t willing to go DEEP

The shallow end. It’s comfortable and makes us think we are ‘trying’. The truth is that all the GIFTS and magic lie in the dark, deep places we don’t want to go. The stuff we resist the most is often the gateway to the storehouse of the treasure we seek. Few want to go there, many will actually enter. 

Do this instead: 

Face your FEAR. You must FEEL it to heal it. And in order to FEEL more, you gotta “feel” more. Get it? Ditch the superficial BS for depth. 

#5 You are leading into your future with an identity and belief structure from the past. 

Your current reality is simply an accumulation of your past choices, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Are you actually making plans, setting intentions, and goals based on past history? Or are you truly doing so from a clear and exciting vision of your future? What would an extraordinary life in full bloom look like for you? 

Do this instead:

Give yourself permission to explore and engage in curiosity. Forget about what was, what is, and choose to create from what is possible. This means you connect to your future self, then create from that place! 

So there it is! 

As always. I am here to help you break through to this next level of love, joy, fulfillment, and service. 

If you are ready to say YES and go where many want to go, but few enter, I invite you to reach out. Working together you will learn to 

➡️ Shift into your DECISIVE Power

➡️ Take Radical Ownership of your Reality

➡️ Release ties and bonds to the past so you can move forward in FREEDOM

➡️ Go DEEP (I don’t do anything surface level. I am here to help you make SHIFTS and transform

➡️ Connect to your SOUL and learn to LEAD from your Future Vision

➡️ Discover your own manifestation style so you can 

➡️ Enjoy more freedom, love, growth and connection than ever before


Here's how I can support you now:

JOIN the Step into Your Power 6 Week Coaching Session Starting Sept 28th. This is a 6-week journey to ditch limiting beliefs, reconnect with your TRUE SELF, and start creating the LIFE you desire. 

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Until next time, here’s to living a life of purpose, and passion!  ❤️💜



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