TO the MAN who is HUNGRY and WONDERING...

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021

What ELSE is out there for me?
Because I KNOW in my bones, there is more to life than this.

Beyond all the sex,
Beyond all the power,
Beyond all the authority
Beyond all the achievements
All the toys, homes and money in my accounts.
If that is ALL there Is,
WHY is there still a void inside, longing and waiting to be FILLED with “something” elusive?
If my marriage or the women I’ve met are so great, WHY is there a desire for deep affection that has never been satisfied?
If my business has created so much wealth, WHY am I still striving and restless in my body?
Even with ALL I have, what is missing?
WHY the nagging thought that there’s MORE out there, but I don’t know what that is.
Why the HUNGER for more excitement in my SOUL?
Because my Dear Warrior,
YOU We’re created to walk through different gates and PLAY in a different REALM.
⚜️🌎 ⚜️
You have tried the Gates of the physical work and logical mind, and those gates have led to accumulating MUCH but still leading “no-where”, Perhaps they’ve led to “good”, even “great”, But NOT extraordinary and certainly not sustainable...
Those GATES, that REALM still leaves you at a LOSS Wondering, WHAT ELSE?
The answer is SIMPLE

Another REALM exists and it is waiting for you.

A REALM beyond striving, hustling and logic where RICH LOVE is the norm
* Deep, RICH intimacy and affection with your beloved QUEEN exists
* Where she is the air under your wings, gives oxygen to your lungs and Inspires you to RISE even higher into your genius
* Where she WANTS you and is deeply devoted to you and your Kingdom
* Where she is an equal and yet completely in her Feminine alongside your Masculine, not competing or working against you, but supporting you and working WITH you.
CALM and PEACE is the norm, and
* The BODY is at EASE in the knowing you are operating purpose and aligned
* Your HEART is relaxed and open, connected to your Spirit and to the SOURCE of All - God who lives IN you.
* You operate with a CLEAR mind, knowing what and when to take action on, without the constant doubt
FREEDOM is a real thing and you BREATHE easy knowing you are free
* From the prison and incessant noise of the MIND
* From the pain and tension of the BODY
* From the hardness of the Armour you’ve built around your heart.
* You have UNLOCKED your genius
* Stepped into your CALLING
* Become Great Allies with the UNKNOWN and this is your NEW playground
* Heightened instincts, innate intelligence and supernatural guidance leading you each step of the way.
* No longer a slave to having to figure out and execute the plan on your own
* OPEN to receive MORE than what your mind can fathom
THIS is the place where you become a MASTER of tools and resources and they work FOR you, not against you.
Where TIME, ENERGY and LOVE expand Constantly
THIS is where MAGIC & MIRACLES live.
This is a COURAGEOUS, RICH and very EXCITING place to be, and I believe it’s what you have been longing for.
And so it is,
I INVITE you now.

Will you enter through the new GATES?

Doing so will require a Death Of the OLD
Warrior in order for the BIRTH of the KING.
It will be an INITIATION from head to the
HEART. From the physical to the supernatural.
It is a JOURNEY and it It will be EPIC.
You can go alone or you can come alongside the other Men who are entering the ROUNDTABLE where I will be
⚜️ Your Guide ~ to Show you the way as I’ve travelled it myself
⚜️ Your Mentor ~ to LEAD you through the practices and mastery skills required for the Journey
⚜️ Your Coach ~ To challenge you to RISE and call you BACK to your truth when you get off course in your OLD ways.
⚜️ Your Queen ~ To FEEL the presence and SPACE that the feminine can HOLD for you as a MAN is powerful. It allows you to relax, drop the old armour and explore this great unknown without the need to compete or put on a show.
Your masculine energy WILL shift simply
By experience the feminine in this new way.
Your old habits will DIE as you EMBODY New ways.
I shall meet you there,

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