Who do I get to be when I am fully trusting time?

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020

So Many of us Struggle with this idea and FEAR of not having enough time, being behind, or time working against us.

I get it. I have recently had a massive upgrade in this area as I started to unpack some old money beliefs that were hanging around in my sphere. 

What I realized was that it wasn't really about the MONEY... It was about my relationship with TIME. 

I didn't fully TRUST time. 

The truth is that a lot of the money crap that was coming up, was really just time crap.

So - as I commit to rising in my own higher level of service, I asked myself the same questions I ask my clients and assist them through... 

Who do I get to be when I am fully trusting time?

When I'm fully trusting time, fully trusting GOD to support and guide me?

When I am fully trusting time I AM

I am relaxed when clients come and go because I know there are always more coming in at each season.  The seasons of where they are and where I am. I am serving those who are ready to seek help, ready to walk to the door and then when my part with them is complete (at least for now) I release them in grace knowing I contributed to their growth and ascension. 

I am there for the moment in time as long as they need to be with me in my container, to turn on the light and guide them to a place where either new doors are opening and they are saying yes, or they choose not to and that’s ok. They have awareness now.

I am not anxious or freaking out about money (running out, dropping in the market, releasing it to new investments) because I know ‘money’ is alway moving like air. I recognize that money is simply an exchange of energy and value; it's always available, and can shift/show up unexpectedly unplanned in a moment's notice through a multitude of streams. 

I recognize the idea as money and value is a construct of the human mind. Completely malleable and fluid. 

When I'm fully trusting time I am relaxed in the KNOWING that whatever I desire is either coming to me or on its way  to me. Just like my soulmate, Mark came to me in the most perfect timing. I wanted that relationship so badly for so many years, praying for it daily, but the truth is neither I nor he we're ready to receive each other yet.

We still had inner healing work to do, lessons to learn and energy to CLEAR up in order for our relationship to show up in this physical realm and for us to fully thrive as a couple.

If it would have shown up prematurely, we would have “had” each other and been operating from a place of past wounds, unable to maintain the vibration of the relationship we have now. 

And so it is with business or money for the next level of service. 

Could you imagine if the first year of your first business did half a million in sales? Could you imagine if you would have had that relationship dropped in your lap way before you knew who you truly were or were ready to receive a true divine partner? 

You wouldn't have known what to do with it and would have self destructed it.

The key is what you DO IN the time you are living in right now. 

Are you curating the skills, the inner state to hold space for what you say you truly want at a soul level?

You've been saying you want to step into the next level of service, to connect with a higher vibe tribe, partner, client, level of vibrancy and health in your body.

And yet you needed to 

  • Ditch the paradigm of comparison and competition rooted in fear
  • Ditch the idea and beliefs that you have to do it on your own and no one else can do it as good as you, leaving you in a state of overwhelm and exhaustion all the time.
  • Learn what energetic boundaries are.
  • Ditch the egoic believe that you are what others think of you, resulting in constant people pleasing
  • Allow yourself to fully step into your voice and let your true self be heard. Your VOICE is powerful.
  • Create spaciousness and bandwidth in your mind, body and energetic field. So that you could be Crystal Clear, tuned into your own Divine gifts, connected to your soul and God
  • Only then will you have the space to create from EASE and inspiration instead of a reactive place of lack. (Lack of time, lack of energy, lack of resources) Operating from this place forces us to birth stressful businesses, stressful relationships, sickness in our bodies.
  • Learn to say hell no to that which is no longer in alignment for a match to your future.
  • Stop having one foot in and one foot out, bullshiting yourself that you're actually committed when all you really are is mildly interested and mostly scared and faithless.
  • Be willing to step into your next level of trust and surrender and release the need to control the pace of everything. 


When I am fully trusting time I am totally enjoying the ride as if sailing on the ocean.

I know where I am, I know where I am going, and I am so okay with watching it all unfold relishing in every sweet moment. 

I am capturing the beauty of it all

I am celebrating every milestone, small and large!

I am looking forward to what's coming and where I'm going with excitement.

I am looking back to where I've been with fondness and appreciation, grateful for the lessons and memories, recognizing I no longer need to be there so I can release in grace.

I am fully engaged in the Here and Now.

How fun is this?!


When I am fully trusting Time

I am excited about the future

I am fully present in Joy right now.

I am grateful. 

I am fond of the past 

I am honouring my gifts

I am caring for my current resources and learning to master, utilize and work with what I already have.

I am connected to the infinite nature of time

I recognize that my future is created Moment by moment, in the choice I make in the now, and I can shift my reality at any given moment in time.

I recognize it is all perfect. 

All happening for me to bring me back to the infinite creative being I am destined to be. 

And so it is, from THIS place of trusting time, I choose to go and PLAY in this space of life today.

Are you READY to step into a completely NEW Relationship with TIME?

If you are ready to step into your next level of leadership, service or life and truly connect with the INFINITE, CREATIVE being you are designed by LOVE to be, I invite you to BOOK an IN DEPTH DISCOVERY SESSION Now and start aligning your life today!

Here's to living a life of Passion & Purpose! 



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