What USED to work for you might the VERY THING holding you Back Right Now

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2019

Ever feel like what USED to WORK is NO LONGER Working?

Is the VERY THING that USED to get you RESUTS, is now not delivering the same outcomes? In fact.... it may be sucking up so much of your mental, physical and emotional energy for the return you are getting.

It can be super frustrating and confusing!

What GIVES? 

The OLD Operating System: NO PAIN, NO GAIN

When we were younger we bought into the idea that if we hustle, and work our asses off, and harness the "no pain, no gain" kind of mentality that we will GET RESULTS.

In athletics, in business, in life - this was the golden rule I certainly was exposed to.

AND... IT WORKED. For the most part.

I hustled. I grinded. I PUSHED through pain. In fact I LOVED the struggle. That's where all the GLORY was. 

I NEEDED the Pain and Fear as a launching pad to take ACTION and MOTIVATE me.

I NEEDED the STRUGGLE in order to EXPERIENCE the bliss in the reward.  That was what I NEEDED to go through back then and it worked for a while.

I became a competitive athlete performing at a World Class Level. I started my business in a moment of total FEAR as I was in the midst of my divorce with ZERO money to my name. I created a high six figure business in just a few years.  Seemed pretty good...

Until it all stopped working.

I started getting injured - chronically. One thing after the other as my body screamed for recovery and a new way of operating.

I kept hitting a financial ceiling in my business. No matter what I DID, how HARD I tried, How much time or money I poured into my marketing campaigns - SO LITTLE in return! I kept dancing with the same monthly revenue numbers.

I started to see a pattern play out - what used to work for my body, my business, my goals wasn't really cutting it anymore.

It was time to LEVEL UP.

Time to realize... maybe what used to work for me, is now the VERY thing that's holding me back.

Time to realize that by doing MORE of the stuff that doesn't work anymore we are just hitting our heads against a brick wall.

So. I got to SHIFT into a new state of operating. 

What does that mean?

1. Reconnect with your soul. It's so easy to get caught up in thinking we SHOULD want something and often we catch ourselves chasing something we don't even truly desire or feel called to anymore.

Step one for me was reconnecting with my HEART & SOUL to check in on what it is I TRULY Desire right now and where I feel called to grow.

2.  Set INTENTIONS & Look for EVIDENCE - not "Goals" 

Instead of Chasing Goals, I set intentions. The natural law of chasing is that things run away or are harder to catch!

Setting intentions is key to overcoming this.  As soon as we set the intentions for what we want and focus on the FEELING of already experiencing it,  we start to create those things.

And you'd be surprised how quickly we can manifest these things!

Once I set the intention and act in alignment with that - I am immediately training myself to look for evidence that it's already happening in my life. This IS so important as it activates the parts of our brain that confirm we are able to receive and create what we want AND it also opens up innovation, creation and problem solving centers.

3. LEAN IN & PULL,  Don't PUSH when it's difficult and scary. We are jumping out of our comfort zones and doing new things. The reptilian brain doesn't like that! 

It WILL want to revert back to the old ways, especially when things get uncomfortable. THIS is the time to PRACTICE and lean into the NEW operating system of thinking, feeling and doing things differently.

My old system would have wanted to PUSH through it. But what I have learned is that what we resits, persists and what we fight against fights right back.

So in the NEW system - I LEAN IN and ALLOW things to unfold. It's much a more FREEING state of being and requires so much less physical, mental and emotional energy. 

Think about it. 

How HARD do you have to work to PUSH against yourself? To WILL yourself to think differently or act differently? How HARD is it to fight and challenge things all the time?

What if instead, we decide there is nothing to FIGHT and instead PULL things towards us magnetically?

4. Find your FLOW & Create a consistent rhythm.

Can you remember the last time you were in total FLOW state? How time just flew by, how easy the work was, how engaged and productive you felt?

THAT is what I am talking about.

I have developed rituals and practices to ACCESS FLOW state and then stay there, recalibrating as often as I need to.


Training ourselves to relax and pace ourselves  instead of always in that mentality of "go go go"  is EXPANSIVE and INCREASES our capacity to think, feel and create.

In the OLD system, we are addicted to needing a constant rush of adrenaline and cortisol in order to motivate us to perform.

Cortisol and Adrenaline are important and serve functions for survival. They are there so we can focus, live and get through life threatening situations. This is us operating in a state of fight or flight 

But the downside is it's short-lived. We are not supposed to STAY here. We can only run off of it for so long before we get burnt out.

In the NEW system, I choose to create a FLOW and RYTHM I can SUSTAIN over the long term, without the constant highs and lows, peaks and valleys and roller coasters of physical and emotional energy spikes.

This NEW system allows for FLOW state to happen, consistently so that it ENERGIZES and EXPANDS not only my capacity to perform, but my ability to think, feel and experience MORE life is presenting me.



This is probably the most challenging yet most rewarding place to play. In the OLD blueprint, I HAD to KNOW and was completely attached to things HAVING to look and feel a certain way.

In doing so, I LIMITED what was possible!

Because we are expecting based on what our brain can make sense of (based on knowledge of the past) we keep ourselves in a BOX.

When we release the need to know ALL the steps, ALL the answers, ALL the outcomes, we OPEN ourselves up to RECEIVE more than we EVER imagined.

I am living this in so many arenas of my life right now and its a wonderful place to be! 


By RELEASING the need to control, I have been GIVEN MORE than I could imagine, dream of or need! My desire is to give you the same.

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