When you are doing the work but it feels like nothing is changing...

When you're doing the WORK but the outside world doesn't feel like it's catching up... It's EASY to fall back into old patterns.

Here is why, what you can do, and how to EXPAND your WORLD...


Are you a high achiever that has had to sacrifice your health, relationships or parts of you in order to experience 'Success'? Are you DONE with that - DONE with settling for less than your SOUL DESERVES and ready to STEP into your LIGHT?


For start, our outer world is always reflection of what's going on inside of us.

I know, it's kind of hard to accept - but our outer world is constantly mirroring back what we have put out there. Sometimes we don't like what we see and that drives us to make changes.

We decide to set goals. We change our habits, we start working on reframing our thoughts.... we PUT in the work.

And then.... it can feel like crickets for a while.  In fact at times it can feel downright frustrating!

I know because I have been there. Busting my *** and asking God...

"Where are you? When are you gonna show up for me here?"

Funny how it doesn't take overnight to create the situations we don't love, yet we expect them to CHANGE overnight.

It's like someone going to workout for ONE week and then expecting to see DRASTIC changes right away.

Here's the real deal and the incredibly good news.  

It takes a little time for the outside world to catch up with what's going on inside of us. We've had years of programming the wrong way. Our "operating system" or blueprint  has been leading us a certain  way for a LONG time.

So when we start making changes in our lives, we start to reprogram - little by little - IF we are consistent. 

Let me restate that... re-programming happens through repetition and INTENTION. We are always programming our minds. The thing is, it's either happening to us, or we are engaging in directing it.

There WILL be resistance as the outer world aligns. 

There WILL be small tests and opportunities as the universe meets you and gives you a chance to STEP INTO your new life. How could you possibly enjoy the benefits of the body, the relationship, the money, the lifestyle - if you don't get a chance to keep practicing who you get to BE in those moments?

Fit people THINK and act differently than unfit people. They say no to short term quick impulses because they WANT to feel amazing. They prefer feeling great over feeling sluggish so they make choices to support that. They exercise because they LOVE the feeling, not because they hate their bodies.

People in amazing relationships operate differently. They say no to behaviours that are disrespectful and set boundaries. They are incredible listeners and communicators. They are comfortable in who they are so they can give from a full place. 

Catch my drift?

So... When resistance comes,  as it does. CELEBRATE! 

You are officially being given the opportunity to STEP into a new vibration and re-write the old program. 

It's time to challenge that old BELIEF that tells us that it's "too hard", "not for us" or "no way we can get there". 

It's time to poke holes in those thoughts that we are "not enough, don't have what it takes or can't sustain it".

As soon as we stop listening to that voice, and instead LEAN in to the discomfort, CELEBRATE it as a SIGN that you are SHIFTING into a new state of being and really look for the WINS - the EVIDENCE - all around you - that the outer world is aligning to your inner work.

Don't under estimate any small wins. Train your brain to look for them constantly. Every time you have a great workout, a new opportunity comes up, a conversation goes better than expected, you have a moment of joy,  close a new deal ... whatever it is. RECORD that as EVIDENCE. 

Whether it's your body, your relationships, or even your spiritual life; CELEBRATE these little results and keep moving forward and searching for evidence that there is passion and purpose in your life.

As you record the evidence you activate your Reticular Activating System and your brain starts automatically looking for MORE of it! 

This is why gratitude is SO KEY to lasting SUCCESS. 

Your accomplishments are also a reflection of  your CURRENT IDENTITY - how you view and perceive yourself.

If you are happy and full of energy, that will show up in your work, your relationships, and your life. What we put out eventually comes back.

What we reap, we sow. The Universal Law.  The Law of Karma. 

Dial into your surroundings and see that LIFE is always providing. Always giving us an opportunity to MEET it and take action. Are we stepping up when LIFE places an opportunity in front of us? Literally hands it to us on a platter?

Are you OPEN to RECEIVE these things by acting on them as they enter your life?

To Recap: 

  • Become AWARE of the OLD OPERATING SYSTEM and challenge it! Ask yourself " IS this really me talking or is this some OLD outdated system I picked up along the way?"
  • STOP and REFRAME your thoughts. What would a NEW story look like? 
  • OPEN your EYES - Celebrate the wins you ARE seeing. Dial into your brain and your life to see the beauty and evidence showing up all around you.
  • Be OPEN to receive. Many times - often - we don't get because we are closed to accepting and receiving what is placed in front of us! We lead with our heads and not our heart.
  • Be PATIENT and give yourself some grace. When you are READY, everything you need, more than you could ask for, will be right there waiting

I want to encourage you, if you have been working toward a dream or goal to keep going. You are further than you think and the WORLD is opening up around you.

Trust yourself, LEAN in and celebrate every step of the way.

Here's to creating a life of passion and purpose,


I would love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know - What have you been working on in your life? What evidence of that is showing up for you?

Finally, if this article or video resonate with you I would be honoured for you to share this and help me create a ripple effect of goodness in this world. 

Are you READY to play a bigger game? To stop settling for less than you deserve and really UPGRADE your mindset and life? 

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