Episode 13: Where do I Belong? The Tension between Two Worlds Is REAL!

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2021

Where do I Belong? The Tension between Two Worlds Is REAL!

In this Episode, inspired by EPISODE 11 - (How to NAVIGATE Seasons of Change without Losing your MIND)

I unpack

  • The SPACE between two worlds
  • The VOID - what to DO when it feels like nothing is happening?!
  • Not WHO I used to be, Not Sure WHO I am called to BE
  • Where are you TAKING ME?
  • When the ANSWERS “Don’t Come”
  • Are you Negotiating with God and making Deals with the “Devil” inside
  • the QUICK START, Firecracker who was told to SHUT UP. SIT DOWN. BE STILL
  • My Personal Journey as I share posts I wrote along the way


This assessment will reveal How positioned you are to receive AND Sustain the next level body, relationship or mission in your life and it’s the FIRST step to going deeper into this work.

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