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And this is what has inspired me to write this love note, from the Feminine to the Masculine.

I believe in the Sovereign MASCULINE and that our world needs you now more than ever.

I believe in the goodness that lies in your heart. I believe in the strength that you carry for others. I believe that you are created ON purpose, as a MAN IN your amazing musculature, stature and structure because only you possess the ability to protect, lead and guide us.


I believe you deeply honour and respect the feminine. That every bone in your body wants to protect her and witness her shine in all her delight and radiance.


I believe it brings you great pleasure to allow ALL her power of creation to flow, and her BEAUTY to be fully revealed.
It is SHE that brings forth LIFE in all things and It is HER whisper than can mobilize a thousand men.


This is why she has been silenced, This is why she has been persecuted and attacked.


This is WHY...
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The TRUTH no one is telling you

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

I am coming to you Raw, Real, and Unfiltered today ON purpose for a purpose 

I WANT to support you in breaking past this (B.S.) loop you keep finding yourself in because I know in my bones you are divinely created to experience heaven on earth. 

I know that sounds a little far fetched, and I also know in my soul this IS what is possible for you. A loving, connected, and trusting relationship. Meaningful connections. Purpose Filled Work that lights you up. A body that is vibrant, energized, and looks/feels amazing to be in! A spirit that is fully at EASE.

We are designed to experience the fullness of life. And yet so many of us are SETTLING for this place of “partial joy”.  

Partial Fulfillment. Partial health & vitality - when the whole is available to us! 

You might be asking yourself

“What on earth is going on with me?” 

“WHY do I still struggle with this constant feeling of being alone and unable...

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The Longest and Most Fulfilling Journey

There is an old Sioux proverb that says:  

 “The longest journey in your LIFE is the journey from your HEAD to your HEART”  

There is so much truth in this.  

I fundamentally believe you will NEVER be able to experience true success, fulfillment, peace, or lasting joy without making this critical 18-inch journey.  

As high achievers we’ve bought into a program that teaches success is all about mastering our “mindset” yet I call total BULLS***T!  

You can’t master your mind if you’re STUCK in it all the time.

In order to “master” your mindset, it requires you step OUT of your head, away from the noise, distraction, illusions, and become the observer and director of it.

Yet, we refuse to take time to sit still, pull out, and go to the depths of where the true magic lies.   We end up just fighting against ourselves the whole way through “willpower” and “force”...

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Who do I get to be when I am fully trusting time?

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020

So Many of us Struggle with this idea and FEAR of not having enough time, being behind, or time working against us.

I get it. I have recently had a massive upgrade in this area as I started to unpack some old money beliefs that were hanging around in my sphere. 

What I realized was that it wasn't really about the MONEY... It was about my relationship with TIME. 

I didn't fully TRUST time. 

The truth is that a lot of the money crap that was coming up, was really just time crap.

So - as I commit to rising in my own higher level of service, I asked myself the same questions I ask my clients and assist them through... 

Who do I get to be when I am fully trusting time?

When I'm fully trusting time, fully trusting GOD to support and guide me?

When I am fully trusting time I AM

I am relaxed when clients come and go because I know there are always more coming in at each season.  The seasons of where they are and where I am. I am serving those who are ready to...

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I have done it!

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2020

I have done it!!  After 10+ years, I have decided to take the bold, scary and exciting LEAP and close down a chapter of my life to make room for something new that has been brewing in my heart.

We all have moments where we feel this CALL to ADVENTURE, where our heart is tugging at us so intensely to make a change or pursue a new direction, yet so few of us actually take the BIG LEAP when it comes time to jump.

That’s exactly why I wanted to share my story with you.

Just over 10 years ago now, I was sitting there, freshly divorced with my kids: 3,5 and 7 at the time, and had no idea how I was going to support them. I was going through a terrible separation and had little to no income coming in.

My heart wanted to pursue my dream of opening a health & wellness studio, but I literally had NO money and no credit, so this seemed like an impossible idea. I was about to head back into the corporate space when a client of mine said something that pushed me off the ledge!


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How to RELEASE the Anxiety and Pressure that’s building inside and instead... BE more AT EASE and CALM

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

How to RELEASE the Anxiety and Pressure that’s building inside and instead... BE more AT EASE and CALM!

Or maybe you’re stuck in a loop thinking the BEST days are behind you?

Think again. Here’s what’s really robbing you of your calm and joy + some better questions you can ask yourself today

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Uncategorized Apr 06, 2020


In Fact - It pisses a lot of people off and scares them away…


That’s because I am here to get my people a FAST BREAKTHROUGH.


Most of my clients come to me because there is something VERY specific...

They are going through that is causing them a GREAT deal of discomfort . There is some pain…physical, mental or emotional.

Some complacency that needs to be KICKED to the curb.

A relationship, a job change, a move, a transition in LIFE.

They are ready to CHANGE NOW. Not in a year.




Want to Learn to Swim FAST? THROW them in the water…

Want to Learn to FLY Higher? PUSH them out of the comfortable nest…

Want to WALK through a NEW Door? Kick them through the opening when it presents itself….

Want to MOVE past the repetitive shit that really holds you back?


Someone HAS to ASK the challenging hard questions that no one else...

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Is your DESIRE ATTRACTING or REPELLING what you actually want?

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2020

Is your DESIRE ATTRACTING or REPELLING what you actually want?


Every DESIRE stems from one of two things and we MUST be so careful of which we use as fuel. One will LITERALLY STRIP you clean of what it is you want to call into your life, while the other acts as a MAGNET pulling that dream towards you.


If your DESIRE does not match your REALITY... watch this!

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The "Hard" Truth About Manifesting Your Desires...

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

THE “HARD” TRUTH ABOUT “MANIFESTING” YOUR DESIRES & what the heck’s IS manifesting anyway?

First off let’s clarify what Manifesting even means...

To Manifest something simply means to make APPEAR to the eyes what was ALREADY there .

Interesting. ALL we desire is HERE the whole time, yet we can’t see it. We are BLIND to see, feel, hear, experience it.

We simply can’t create what we desire unless we are OPEN to SEE it.

Here’s what I often hear from clients, people etc who want to manifest a new reality ....

“How LONG will it take?”

“Can I still ..... (do my old stuff) and Be Open to Receive my Soulmate?”
(READ. I want to keep doing what I know isn’t working while getting what I want) ‍

“How will I KNOW if this will work? I don’t want to put all this time into something and it doesn’t work!?”

“I’ve TRIED for so long, and nothing is changing for me.”


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Are You Chasing Love? ❤️

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020

We ALL need and crave love. It’s innate, embedded in our DNA and coding. We were CREATED for it by our creator and there is this gaping hole inside of us, waiting to be filled in connection with something greater.

And yet… so few people truly get to experience the feeling of it - unconditionally without transactions.

This past year, God has taught me much about love and what it feels like to be connected to unconditional love.

If you are LOOKING for LOVE from anywhere other than inside of you - YOUR HEART, YOUR SOUL, YOUR Connection to God... you are not looking for love.

You are seeking attachment, significance, approval, control, ownership, validation of your worth and value.

You will never FIND what is missing inside of you. You will never be able to GIVE what is not inside of you.

In order to CREATE the LOVE you desire, it starts within.

When you are FULL of LOVE it radiates from you. Your vessel is SO FULL it is abundant and HAS to SPILL out of you.

It literally oozes...

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