Our 6 week fitness & nutrition challenge that is laser focused on rapid transformation for the everyday person is BACK!

Isn’t it time to take care of YOU?

CHALLENGE KICKS OFF NOV 7th 2018 at push!FIT studio in Waterdown. Don't miss your chance to join!









$1000 in Prizes for the top Male & Female Transformation are you next?

We will give you the tools to change your body and your life... if you're ready

Do you find typical gyms intimidating and need the motivation, accountability, and guidance from a team that can make you finally feel comfortable and "at home" in a fitness facility?

Would you love to regain long, lost confidence that's been holding you back since work, kids, or just general busy life has taken over? To feel attractive again? To feel strong again? To gain your old school energy back again? AND to feel like nothing can hold you back this time around?
You've tried on your own with little success.

And it's not your fault.
So many people try to exercise on their own but lack the "know-how" and guidance when going to a gym. How do you get started? What exercises help you burn fat? How do you use different types of equipment to get serious results but not get hurt?
... AND then there is the nutrition component. Did you know many people actually gain weight when they start working out because they are not following a nutrition plan designed to get results? That can mean hours of hard work in the gym going down the drain. Wasted... But with all of the quick fixes, diets, self-proclaimed internet gurus and conflicting information out there how do you know what WILL get you results?
No wonder it can be so hard to make changes... you are not alone.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

The 6 Week FINISH STRONG Challenge

Our FINISH STRONG Challenge combines 6 weeks of personal training with nutritional coaching in the form of "Done-For-You", easy to follow, meal plans and recipes to get you into a healthy routine FAST.
Challengers routinely lose on average 8-16+ lbs, lose inches, drop pant sizes, gain energy and find themselves inspired to keep going after and strive for big health and fitness changes... all in only 42 DAYS. 
Over 80% of the people that have joined us in past challenges are still training with us today on an ongoing basis and have reached better results than they ever thought possible. They took a chance on themselves and their health and have seen the results come back tenfold! If you are ready to really make a change for life... this is the first step. 
Imagine yourself taking charge of your health and fitness and heading into the new year feeling amazing. You have lost weight, are wearing a smaller dress/pant size, you feel energetic, and are motivated to keep right on going after with your training to keep seeing your best results!

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to try us out risk-free and experience the best of our individualized training and nutrition programs that we use every day in our facility that help hundreds of members achieve life changing results. We provide you with the effective coaching and accountability you'll need; which is the #1 thing most people lack when struggling to stick with a fitness program and see results.
You will be a part of an exclusive group of like-minded individuals that will help and support each other throughout the challenge. Believe it, there is power in not doing this alone! And we add a little healthy competition to keep you motivated by awarding the top individual male and female transformation with some awesome prizes! 

Who is push!FIT studio?

 We have been in business in Waterdown since 2010 and have helped over 1000 everyday people just like you get back into a fitness routine (or start one for the first time), improve their health, ditch the diet roller coster, and commit to a healthier lifestyle longterm. As a locally owned business we want to welcome you into our 'fitness family' - our community of amazing members committed to becoming fitter and healthier versions of themselves one step at a time!
We are not gym... we are a private training facility where every time you walk through our doors you are working with one of our certified and experienced trainers. Every minute you are in our facility you are effectively working towards your goals... no more guessing what to do! 
We lay out the proven plan, all you have to do is show up and follow it! It's how so many of our members now have success stories... they trusted us and we delivered!

What to Expect

  • Results - If you give your workouts your all, and follow the nutrition plan as outlined, you will lose inches and fat FAST. All you have to do is get to work and follow the plan! 
  • No Gimmicks - This isn't a crash diet, and there are no gimmicks! Our nutrition plans and recipes are based on whole food choices that are great for the whole family. 
  • Easy to Follow Nutrition Plans - Recipes and meal plans are simple, easy to follow, fast, and tasty making it easy to be successful. Plus, you can keep using the recipes after the challenge is done! They are yours to keep!
  • Effective Exercise Training- Our training programs will get you maximum results in less time. No need to be spending hours in the gym each day to see serious results! 
  • And So Much More - Decrease your stress, learn lasting healthy habits, increase your energy levels and gain confidence all while having the support from an amazing community of people striving to improve their health! 


Past Challengers have seen HUGE results!

We're Giving You Everything You Need to Get Results!


  1. Personal training for 6 Weeks. Our expert training programs are designed for your needs and led by our professional coaches. No guessing what to do, we are here by your side every step of the way to make sure you are getting all of the benefits out of every exercise. You can choose between 2 options (outlined below), our Semi-Private Personal Training or Small Group Training Program. ($822 value)
  2. Nutrition coaching including over 100+ recipes, easy meal plans, grocery lists & MORE! You’ll have all of the information you need to be successful at your fingertips. We are making it CRAZY SIMPLE to follow our plan, know what to eat, and see your body change. This is an actionable, step-by-step guidance on how you can achieve your health & fitness goals fast! Recipes and plans are TASTY (no plain chicken and broccoli here), family friendly, customizable and easy to prepare with tons options provided! ($299 Value)
  3. Unmatched support and guidance. Throughout the challenge, our coaches and the other challenge participants will be there to support and motivate you to the finish line! Through the in-person events, training sessions, and our private VIP members only forum you are only seconds away from the support you need to succeed! There is SO much power in not doing this alone! (Priceless) 
  4. Weigh-in's, measurements, before & after pictures, accountability check-in's, and weekly nutrition guidance. We will hold you VERY accountable to achieving your best throughout the challenge and you will be able to see the progress and changes you have made! ($97 Value) 
  5. Kick-Off Event and $1000 in prizes. Our kick-off meeting on Wednesday November 7 at 7:30PM will get you energized to make a change and we will give you the tools you need to succeed!  (You could win $$$ back!) 

Total Value is $1218 BUT You Won’t Pay Anywhere Close to That!

Choose From the 2 NEW MEMBER ONLY Special Package Options Below: 


ONLY $697


SAVE OVER $400!!


3X Per Week Personal Training for 6 Weeks (18 sessions)
+ everything listed above is included

Individual Training Programs Designed Specifically for You

We Work Towards Your Specific Goals and Fitness Level in Each Session

1 Coach Per Every 4 Participants - Lots of Individual Attention

Scheduling Flexibility with Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Sessions Available

Maximum Support, Guidance & Coaching

>>I'M READY!<< Personal Training




SAVE $150!!


Unlimited access to group training sessions
+ everything listed above is included

Fun and Fast Paced Interval Training Sessions with 6-12 Participants Per Session

Scheduling Flexibility with Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Sessions Available

Best for those with an exercise background and no injuries

>>I'M READY!<< Group Training

Spots are in demand and we're not just saying that. We sell out FAST. Register today to avoid missing out! Once spots are gone they are GONE!

Registration Deadline is November 7th at Midnight

Where are we located?

170 Rockhaven Lane Unit 108,

Waterdown, ONT


Just north of Highway 5 in Waterdown, push!FIT studio is on the main level of a mixed-use condo building across from Fortinos. Locally in Waterdown and a quick drive from Hamilton, Burlington or Carlisle. 

Still Not Convinced? Check out what our Members are saying...

This could be the start of something AMAZING you do for YOURSELF!

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, 

NOW is the time...

You CAN be this person! Women and men of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels have worked with us and achieved life changing results. For as little as $7.10 a day this can be YOU. 

You are worth it.