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Low Energy is NOT Something You Have to Struggle With Anymore

Feel healthier, stronger, leaner, and more energized in less than 90 days with the 90 Day Leanout


Some people dream of running a marathon...you dream of walking up the stairs without feeling winded. You’d love be more spontaneous and active but you are struggling with the little things like not falling asleep at your desk at 3pm, making something decent for dinner, and running your kids to their activities without feeling like you’d rather have a nap.

Your current state is more “let’s binge watch Netflix” than “I’m up for a 3 hour bike ride” and you know that’s a crying shame. You aren’t old enough to feel this damn old.

Your friends have almost quit asking you to go out on Friday night and you miss laughing over a glass of pinot grigio. You know if you could get the energy to go out you’d have a great time.

Time and time again you’ve started a diet, thinking it’s going to make you feel like yourself again.

Only it doesn’t work.

Not only do you feel like a failure because you can’t stick with a plan that cuts out entire food groups (seriously who can live without carbs in their life?), but you end up feeling worse than before.

You used to dream of traveling, spending time with friends, and being the cool mom who was adventurous and fun...

But now...

Your dreams have taken a backseat to your reality. 

“I wish I had the energy to actually enjoy a hobby other than drinking sauvignon blanc while binge-watching This is Us on Netflix”

You’re sick and tired of always being tired. Your evenings are planned around doing as little as possible and the things you used to love no longer appeal to you.

Even travel, going out with friends, and hobbies seem like more work than they’re worth.

Hell, sometimes going up the stairs seems like more work than it’s worth.

You know you should spend some time on your health because the payoff is so huge but it seems like a monumental thing to figure out.

You’ve become what you swore you’d never become Old.

(I’ll let you in on a secret: that’s more of a mindset than how many birthdays you’ve celebrated. More on that later…)


Somewhere along the way, you lost yourself.

Your health and fitness have taken a back seat to your family’s for years.

So. Many. Years.

And now that you actually have some time for yourself...you don’t have the energy to do anything.

Who is that person in the mirror?

You don’t recognize her. She’s hidden behind the mom, wife, and employee/employer mask she wears every day. And she’s exhausted.

She’s so bloody exhausted.

This isn’t what you imagined your life would look like at this point. Now that you’ve finally got some free time, you thought you would be enjoying things like evenings out with your friends, shopping for new clothes, and spontaneous weekend getaways with your loved ones.

Some days it’s hard to get out of bed.

If only someone would show you how to gain more energy in a way that suits your overflowing life. That works for you instead of making you add yet another task to your to do list.

You’re tired of feeling out of control

You’ve tried diets in the past.

They work (maybe) in the short run but within a year of finishing you’re wearing the (bigger) jeans you swore you’d never wear again.

Enough of the diet roller coaster. You're read to start enjoying your life.

Because isn't that the point?

But you don’t want something that’s impossible to stick with.

You know it's gotta be a lifestyle, not a diet, if you're going to lift the mental fog that shows up daily at 3pm, and get your energy back for good. So that you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin again.

I’m Christine Line

After spending more than 20 years teaching and training in the health and fitness industry, I’m on a mission to motivate and shape the lives of as many people as I can.

I believe fitness and health are more than just a number on the scale or looking good. It’s having more energy to do the things that are important. Things like spending quality time with your family and friends. Or enjoying the activities you used to enjoy doing.

It’s living life to the fullest, no matter what your goals. And it’s about feeling confident in your own skin.

I’m an Integrative Health Coach, High Performance Coach, CHEK Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK HLC Level 2 Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer

Introducing the 90 Day LeanOut

The energy boosting nutrition plan for those who hate nutrition plans Replace your bad habits with healthy ones so you can make those huge lifestyle changes that’ll change your life for the better - AND for the long term. The program that’s going to help you





I know you’ve been promised this before.

And I get that you’re skeptical…

But this is different.

The key to success?

Weekly video coaching sessions, easy to make real food that tastes delicious, and simple fitness plans.. Because accountability and simplicity are HUGE when making lifestyle changes.

People just like you who’ve followed the program routinely lose up to 20-30 lbs, drop 1-2 dress sizes, gain energy and find themselves inspired to keep going and strive for big health and fitness changes.

The 90 Day Leanout is right for you if:

  • You are committed to dramatically increasing your results in your health, fitness and life
  • You want to get the best results possible and you are dedicated to sticking it out
  • You are ready to invest in your health and life
  • You want to regain your confidence


Why is the 90 Day Leanout different?

The 90 Day Leanout is whole food focused without being unrealistic. You can still have a life while retraining your eating habits. Fat loss is so much more than food. It’s about psychology, habits, sleep, and stress management.

What it’s not, however, is a magic wand.

You still have to do the work.

We aren’t into promising unrealistic results with a minimalistic commitment.

If it were super easy, you would have done it a long time ago, right?

You know you want to get fit, to have the energy to truly enjoy life. And we’re going to show you how to get there.

We’ve got a road map for you to follow that includes:

Nutrition Plans

With simple and easy recipes, delicious foods, meal planning tools and journal, we’re making it simple to follow the 90 day Leanout plan.

The weekly action steps will keep you accountable and the results will keep you motivated while you change your eating habits, one meal at a time.

A Supportive Environment for Better Results

You won’t be doing this alone. We’ve got a private Facebook group and live weekly coaching to help you stay motivated and accountable every step of the way.

What results will you see in the 90 Day Leanout?

While my customers all have different results, the most common are:

  • Improved energy levels that remain consistent throughout the day (no more 3pm crashes)
  • Weight loss (as much as 20 to 30 pounds)
  • Looking better in clothes (did someone say shopping spree???)
  • Better sleep thanks to stable blood sugar
  • Improved physical strength
  • Improved confidence in how you look and feel

Every breath you take (is going to be easier)

And I’m so sure of it I have a 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE.

I’m so confident you are going to find the 90 Day Leanout transformative, I’m giving you 30 days to test it out. Simply do the things I recommend, join in on the weekly accountability calls, and commit to changing your lifestyle. If you don’t lose pounds or inches, I will refund 100% of your registration fee.

Simple as that! (You have to show up to the training sessions for the guarantee to be honoured)

Because I want you to be as successful as

Become the best version of you.

The best mom, wife, friend, employee, or business owner

Join hundreds of people just like you who’ve had trouble taking weight off in the past and who now have smaller clothes and bigger confidence. They’ve got more energy and less food related mindset issues. And they feel amazing.

Invest in your health, energy levels, and future

If you are tired of the roller coaster world of diets (that don’t work for long) and you are ready to invest in your future health and energy levels, click below.

Still Skeptical? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the 90 Day Leanout program:

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+ What if I haven't exercised in a REALLY long time?
+ Am I required to purchase pre-made meals, or follow a crazy restrictive diet?
+ What happens next?

Start improving your health today! Get immediate access to week 1 as soon as you register and take the first step towards improved energy and confidence!