My Dear Sister,

I am honored you are here.

As women, we have been suppressed, oppressed, silenced, cast aside, and misunderstood for lifetimes.

We have struggled to maintain the balance between the multitude of ROLES of mother, daughter, lover&, contributor... the list goes on.

We have hidden from the most delicate and radiant parts of ourselves in an effort to compete with men, capture their love or prove our worth and strength on the battlefield alongside them.

We bought into the lies that said the FEMININE was weak and vulnerable, embodying the VICTIM over and over again. In doing so we have become martyrs without boundaries, energetically drained, disconnected from our WORTH and unaware of our inner strength.

We bought into the lies that said the FEMININE must be fiercely independent and does not NEED the masculine. This has left us empty, attracting emotionally unavailable men who either compete with us or can't hold the SPACE for all of us. It has left us CRAVING for love and intimacy.

We bought into the lies that said the Feminine can do it ALL on her own. In doing so we have tried to play GOD, thrusting us into a world of isolation carrying burdens on our shoulders that rob us of our creative gifts and magic.


My Sister. It is time to REMEMBER who YOU ARE, HOW you were CREATED, what your MAGIC is, and WHAT you are here for.


We are in a NEW ERA. Where the FEMININE is Rising again in all of her fullness, beauty, and radiance. YOU hold incredible power as a co-creator with GOD. It is through the feminine essence that LIFE is expressed. It is through your RANGE of emotions that life is EXPERIENCED. It is through your intuitive abilities and beautiful BODY that love, health, prosperity FLOWS. It is through your nurturing that healing happens.

You, my SISTER - are being CALLED to RISE into a new level of Embodiment, Devotion & Expression. This is why you are here.


Welcome to the Sisterhood.



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